Saturday, December 24, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things...

Tis the season to be jolly.......

I am wrapping presents for my loved ones and didn't realize the time and effort it takes to put into it.

I started off by separating everything out. Making sure I got everyone on my list. Once I got it in piles the cats decided it was time to attack!

Between shooing them away and making sure everything was back in their piles did I start wrapping gifts. The dogs wanted out and then back in .. I have been up and down several times letting them in and out. I swear they are just as bad as kids are!

I have Christmas music going to keep me in the spirits and its only helped slightly. I have a bit of a migraine going and I think its from being hunched over.


The stockings are hung by the chimney with care in hopes of St. Nick will soon be there......

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! 

Monday, December 12, 2011

The 12 days of Christmas done a little differently.

Random strangeness..

I was at work last week listening to Christmas music on Pandora. I am allowed to jam while I work. So the 12 days of Christmas comes on and I got to thinking, WHY would your TRUE love need to give you all those things and where would you get them? Also.. translation for the modern world. If you can't take a joke well I guess you will have to deal.. because I need the humor right now and I might end up in hell for this.. one never knows..

1 day of Christmas my true love gave to me
a partridge in a pear tree.. could easily be a go go dancer or a cage dancer..
(since women are referred to as birds in this context hey check out that chick over there or how about that understand my meaning)

2nd day of Christmas my true love gave to me
2 turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree .. you know to keep the lone go go dancer company. Also the turtle doves are lesbians (please don't shoot me)

3rd day of Christmas my true love gave to me
3 french hens, 2 turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree.. you know because we like our french maids and how they keep things clean.. (I know I am going to hell... )

4th day of Christmas my true love gave to me
4 calling birds, 3 french hens, 2 turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree.. you know they are hotline ladies making a quick 5.99 a min. ( I can see the horror on your faces... )

5th day of Christmas my true love gave to me
5 gold rings, 4 calling birds, 3 french hens, 2 turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree... All I can think of is Gollum is in hog heaven with 5 of those suckers.. (I know doesn't ring true with my current theme.. my bad....)

6th day of Christmas my true love gave to me
6 geese a laying, 5 gold rings, 4 calling birds, 3 french hens, 2 turtles doves and a partridge in a pear tree.. I could only think of pregnant women.. and the Duggars. (That should get me flogged by the Mormon community)

7th day of Christmas my true love gave to me
7 swans a swimming, 6 geese a laying, 5 gold rings, 4 calling birds, 3 french hens, 2 turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree (insert evil laugh here.. you are probably singing this in your head.. I have done my job.. hahahahaha.. so the seven would be the spawn of the six and someone had twins? because you know you can birth in a pool now..)

8th day of Christmas my true love gave to me
8 maids a milking, 7 swans a swimming, 6 geese a laying, 5 gold rings, 4 calling birds, 3 french hens, 2 turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree.. I was gonna go with the new mother theme here but the calculations are off by 2. So maybe they hired a couple of nannies to wet nurse for them? (Stop it. You know I went there so don't get all frowny face with me.)

9th day of Christmas my true love gave to me
9 ladies dancing, 8 maids a milking, 7 swans a swimming, 6 gees a laying, 5 gold rings, 4 calling birds, 3 french hens, 2 turtle doves and a partridge in pear tree (still singing?) This could only mean we are back at the strip joint and those ladies are on poles since there are too many of them to be in cages or the cage with the lone dancer.

10th day of Christmas my true love gave to me
10 lords a leaping, 9 ladies dancing, 8 maids a milking, 7 swans a swimming, 6 gees a laying, 5 gold rings, 4 calling birds, 3 french hens, 2 turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree.... Can we say MEN in TIGHTS?

11th day of Christmas my true love gave to me
11 pipers piping, 10 lords a leaping, 9 ladies dancing, 8 maids a milking, 7 swans a swimming, 6 geese a laying, 5 gold rings, 4 calling birds, 3 french hens, 2 turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree.. I always knew Cheech and Chong would have a place in this song... (who would have thought?)

12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me
12 drummers drumming, 11 pipers piping, 10 lords a leaping, 9 ladies dancing, 8 maids a milking, 7 swans a swimming, 6 geese a laying, 5 gold rings, 4 calling birds, 3 french hens, 2 turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree!! Ok so drumming would have to be the severe MIGRAINE that I got from imbibing with Cheech,  with all the strippers and lesbians and men in tights watching tv  the mothers and children on talk shows while at the strip joint and of course in all my hallucinogenic state the gollum with 5 "precious" gold rings. The calling ladies making those 900 numbers work and the French maids going around cleaning things up couldn't distract me from the lone go go dancer in the cage because she has neon on.

As for where to get these items.. well you know.. look around maybe go to an actual strip joint and we ALL know a stoner so the 11th day is covered. The tv always has women on there who are pregnant, about to give birth or already having the kids so that shouldn't be too hard to find.. And why is this reminiscent of a scavenger hunt? It just hit me that the 12 days of Christmas could be a fun scavenger hunt for adults and kids alike.. just don't mix up the list or it could end up with lots of explaining to do..
So while my true love is very thoughtful I can't help but think that maybe this was his christmas wish......

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Down with the Sickness

Hey guys! Are you happy to see me posting again? Gonna give me gratuitous love on my comments because you missed me?

God, I have been sick for what seems like an eternity! I can't even breathe right! Either one side is stuffed and the other is runny and makes for breathing difficult. OMG I turned into a mouth breather which makes me feel like I had cotton mouth sooo bad. My lips got all chapped and everything. Not a very good feeling if you ask me.

So I was at work and this lady I work with was all ; This is Tina, she is sick so you don't want to go near her. She was training a new person. I was all I am not contagious. New girl looks over at me and says that's ok I still won't kiss you. As they were walking out I was all Damn you're breaking my heart and we all had a good laugh.

I work making compasses. Very easy work considering I get to sit and count needles and tape them to pieces of  cardboard. I get to listen to my music and forget the rest of what's going on. I just wish this sickness would leave me so that I can start cracking jokes again.. or singing. I sing at work. not sure it drives my coworkers nuts yet so I do it.

Gonna go blog over at my other site about some more serious stuff and my rage. Bye!!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Having a job sounds like a paycheck

So I have worked for 5 days at my new job. I am an assembler for Brunton Outdoor Group and I put compasses in packages to be put into more packages to be put in more packaging to be shipped off.

The job is a no brainer. I like it because its repetitive and not hard to learn. I like it because I get weekends off and I am home by 4. M -F. Then I get to do this for Halloween. Where my creativity runs rampant and would have been really picture heavy if I hadn't started feeling like crap again and lost my light source. I had a few other ideas in mind but I guess those will have to wait til tomorrow or next year.

Anyway I wanted to say hey and that I am still around.. just that nothing is funny at the moment because I am too damn exhausted to think straight and while that is always a good thing for my warped sense of humor I always manage to not write it down to remember it later or I go to sleep.

My body is screaming at me trying to figure out what the hell I am doing to it and my fingers doth protest too much.

Good night 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

To Calm This Raging Beast

I am a grouch in the mornings, when I don't eat and during that time of the month. I don't deny I also get whiny and snarky too.

So today I had a pretty good morning.. migraine pain at an all time low than it has been. I went to town today to do some errands and get something to eat.

We go to the only restaurant in town that still allows smoking and usually the service is mediocre at best. I know all my Riverton readers know exactly where and I bet will commiserate with me when I say that some of the waitresses need to bring their A game. Anyway so we were seated, Cody was seriously nice and always is, tells us the special and told us our waitress would be with us momentarily.

Now usually that means within a couple minutes one of the waitresses assigned to that area will be right there.. Not today. We sat there for 5 mins which is longer than usual. We didn't have silverware, ashtray or drinks in front of us. Was half tempted to get up and leave when low and behold our waitress shows up.

By this point my sugar level was dangerously low and that migraine I had managed to keep at a low was starting to surge forward and make me into a raging bitch; I bit my tongue. We ordered our drinks and she didn't bring silverware to stir the coffee with or an ashtray.

We watched where she went which was a hidey hole up next to the cook station where another waitress was draped across the bar at the front of the restaurant talking to some old man flashing her cleavage. I began to bring the snark.

I think this "little"* waitress knew I was getting pissy because she finally shows up 10 mins later to ask us our order. Joe ordered a Centennial which is eggs, ham and holandaise sauce over hash browns. I ordered a Chicken Cordon Blue with shoestring fries (like the ones at McDonald's) and a side of cottage cheese. So I know that it takes time to get the food ready. No problem but Joe needed a refill on his coffee because when she came to fill our order she brought the ashtray but NOT silverware which we asked another waitress to get. So she was gone again.

(*meaning high school or just graduated high school waitress)

Finally our food gets there, Joe orders a Large glass of milk and wants a refill of his coffee. I am just fine now that the food is here. Not even a 1/3 into our food and he still doesn't have his milk.. he contemplates going up and having words with her. When I spot her she has a small PINK glass of milk for him and manages to at the last second grab the coffee carafe to fill his coffee. She said and I quote: "I forgot what size milk you wanted and almost forgot your coffee. Those girls are distracting." trying to play it off that it was someone else's fault.

All I could do was keep my eyes averted lest  I drill or burn holes into her because the service she provided was seriously shitty.

We finish and had been talking back an forth, I was being snarky. I guess it didn't go away once I ate like I thought. She brings the tab. Joe looks at it and she didn't charge for a large milk. Aww ain't she sweet I managed to sugar coat the sarcasm.

We leave the table and go pay for our meals. The routine question was Did we find everything to our liking and how was everything. We said the service sucked and explained what happened. We got a discount and we tipped the cooks. Because the food was excellent. She didn't get a tip.

Kinda sucks huh sweetheart when all you would rather do is hide and giggle with the other waitresses WHO have jobs to do.

In the end I got ice cream which is a surefire way to calm the raging beast within.

P.S. if I were a critic of restaurants that place would have gotten a D. The only good things about it were the Host, The cashier and the cooks. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Pillsbury Dough in Porn

So this is short and sweet.

I was sitting in Taco Bell with my mom and kids. I was telling my mom about the Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls and how yummy they were. But instead I said Play Doh cinnamon rolls and we both just stopped chewing and I was shaking in silent laughter because I couldn't believe I had just said that and then I went and tried correcting myself (which I should never do because it makes it worse) I came out with Playboy cinnamon rolls and that was the icing on the cinnamon roll because we both couldn't stop laughing. We decided to end it there lest it become something even worse which at this point I wouldn't even begin to wonder what my brain would have spouted forth as an idea.

And this is why I should be allowed to sleep in however late I want. I blame this fiasco on the lack of sleep caused by migraines.
Image Detail
The sweet sticky goodness of Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls. 

Monday, October 10, 2011

MA or Migraines Anonymous

ok maybe not anonymous but I couldn't think of anything catchy that didn't make my head pound even more.

So I decided I would start a support group for migraine sufferers.. if only on paper. See when I am under the influence of a Migraine (wouldn't that be a good title? MUI?)  I tend to forget things and things get fuzzy. Like today, and I don't forgive this Monday of being a holiday because it was a Monday, I managed to lock my keys in my car.

I had plans to pack my car full of my boyfriends things and move them to my house and put gas in my car and go to Wal-Mart my home away from home. All before my boyfriend had to go to work.

Joe says "Umm Babe we have an issue. Your car is locked and are the keys in it?" I am like yeah I leave my keys in the car. Well hell what a wonderful way to start the day. So we spent the next 20 mins trying to shove a hanger into the door to unlock the car. We decided we weren't patient enough since we had things to do and we left. We packed more things and I called R.C. Lock which I then found out they didn't have anyone to send out to my house and because I wasn't "local" meaning in town or within a block radius from their shop I wouldn't be serviced. WTF?

So I called another place to find out what it would cost to have someone come out and key my car so I could get in it. 80.00 freakin dollars!!! I must have made a noise because the guy on the other end said it was either the 80.00 or break a window.. How is that saving me money?? Not only would I be out 80.00 but I would also be out a window and then the money to fix said window.. Talk about a lose lose situation. I said I would get back to him. Luckily I knew someone who fixed it for me in less than 5 mins. Why is it that I have no patience for stuff like that but have infinite patience with needle point or cross stitching?

So on the one hand I am ever so grateful for not having to spend 80.00, and only happened to be a small annoyance to deal with other than it being Monday. On the other hand I still don't have relief from this migraine. Does that make them idle? Aren't idle hands the devil's playground?

I didn't make it to Wal-Mart to get sour cream, hair dye and Dawn dish soap. I guess there is always Wednesday or Thursday to get that stuff.

P.S. I did manage to get two more keys made for my car which makes this day productive other than the moving part. Now if I only don't lock myself out again.

P.S.S. I also forgot to mention that my phone provider went out today and not entirely sure how long they were down without power. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

For Amusement

I know, I know this isn't about bowling balls or things/people that look like them but its still about Wal-Mart. So today I had some fun with the kids.

This is my werewolf child. The evil clown in the background is also my child. 

I wish my pictures moved like in Harry Potter because then you could have seen the shifty eye motions she was making to make the wolf look crazed. 

This is what happens when you put an adult clown face on a child. 
The tie was almost his entire body length.

I am so glad he didn't want to be the clown. Then this happens. 

This is my 13 year old son. I don't know what he was thinking. But it was funny.. I said if we braided the pigtails and made them stand straight out at the sides of his head he would be Pippi Longstocking. He didn't know who Pippi was. :( I also have to point out he would make a great Raggedy Ann. (again with the funny looks) 
Have you ever seen Nightmare Before Christmas? To me this looks like Oogie Boogie. 
Here she looks so sad. I can't remember Frankenstein ever holding his arms out and moaning like a Zombie.

I wish I could have gotten pictures of the skeleton masks with the hoods that were all metallic looking. Reminded me of Death Eaters. And a regular skull mask reminded me of Achmed.

What are your kids going to be for Halloween? Mine are going as Babyface Blue Eyes (gangster. Think Al Capone or Scarface) and Bat Girl and a Wizard.

I might even dress up as Aphrodite or Athena. Just need the toga/robe/gown and gold sandals. The rest I can do at home. 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

When I am depressed I think I would be better off as a Zombie.

I have been suffering for quite some time with a migraine.. It's going on 8 days now. I don't get relief from pills and nothing touches it. Sometimes being unconscious works and most times I wake up and its still there.

On the days when its mostly a raging inside my head I just want to cry and hide in a hole.

I think the reason for my migraines lately is depression. I have had a nasty bout this time around and I just think I would be better off a mindless being. At least being a Zombie I wouldn't have to worry about the pain, or emotions that come with living. Being a Zombie means no humanity left. I won't care who I eat and I won't have fear of looking down the barrel of a gun or a flame thrower. At least someone can put me out of my misery and not have to worry about having a guilty conscious for it.

For those of you reading.. this doesn't mean I am going to do something stupid. This is my way of dealing with things since I don't put much stock in counselors. I have friends and random strangers to vent to and hopefully someone can give me some rare and exceedingly good advice. But that is asking too much and I digress. I am here because I can't sleep and I have had a really bad revelation tonight about the dynamics at my husband's house vs. my house.

I am not thrilled with it and I am trying to learn how to deal with it. It's on my to do list. Right under Patience. I have to be patient and some days I would rather be a patient than patient, because at least then something is happening instead of hurrying up and waiting for something to happen or to do something.

I am a doer. I can't just sit around and wait for things to happen although I have had a bad case of having to do that lately. Sitting around causes depression for me. I see how things should be.. I see things that I want and most of them out of my reach. I need a certain item to do anything and I bet you all know what that is..

I want to be a zombie to forget everything. I want to eat the rich and not be the least bit phased by it. I want them to suffer the bite that we middle and lower classes have had to deal with. So if I can equate a Zombie bite to the way of life we live then I know that everyone will understand what I am talking about.

ok now I am rambling. But for the record I am not giving up because FUCK giving up. Giving up is for losers. I am going to keep plugging away at life because I have hope that in the end I will get what I want and be rewarded for good behavior. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Because I am mean like that

So since my last post I went to a baby shower, went to Wal-Mart and somehow my filter between my brain and mouth died.

9-12-11 I went to a baby shower with my mom. We had a good time things were great! The kids went with us and they had fun, mostly coloring in their color books until the girl started opening baby shower presents. Then the kids' attention was transfixed on the gifts. Surprisingly they did really well watching and not getting involved and I could have sworn someone abducted my kids and replaced them. Before the gifts were being opened we were eating cake with frosting on it almost 2 inches thick and I swear it was in some places (like the corner pieces) Anyway all three kids were all "I don't like this cake." "I'm full." I was kind of in shock that I almost would have had to twist arms for them to eat cake. But they managed to eat it. One piece was all I could manage after I ate several meatballs and had a big lunch before. (I feel fat now :( but it was worth it.) I had 3 glasses of punch which I had been calling juice the entire time and when my son asked if I wanted more I said Nope I am all punched out. Which elicited a giggle from mom and then it hit me what I said (mind you it was only a nanosecond) and I quipped with "At least I didn't kick the bucket." Which made her laugh even more.

9-11-11 we went to Wal-Mart and were looking at things more specifically a baby shower card that wasn't cliche or too personal when I seen THE. MOST. HORRIBLE. OUTFIT. EVER. There are no words to describe what this woman was wearing and of all the damn luck I didn't have my camera. I think my mom would have smacked me i f I had it with me and took a picture. I know she knows I have better manners than that but I am serious when I say this had to be seen to be believed. The only saving graces of this outfit was that she wasn't showing any skin that shouldn't be shown or that it was neon anything! I would tell you about my mom turning 3 shades of pink but I think that might be too mean. Also that day my filter was dismantled because as we were all going into Wal-Mart a semi-truck was headed out of town and doing what I thought to be about 45 -50 in a 30mph zone honking his horn which sounded like a train whistle. So here we were in the pedestrian zone right there by the doors just gawking at this truck. My road rage was in full force and I was yelling at the truck (which I know is not sentient and couldn't hear me) but I continued on. After my tirade I turned to my mom and said to her "It's road rage." Which at this point we both know that we weren't even in the car.  Also I managed to forget what I needed from Wal-Mart which was batteries. My boyfriend was like "Are the batteries for the broken filter?" I said yeah that too but they were for my control pad for my Xbox.

Annnndddddd because I am a mean mom I had to kick my son because of what he blurted out in the middle of Wal-Mart. His little brother was picking his nose and he goes "EWWW gross! Quit picking your nose!" I kicked him and my mom gets after me! I was like wait.. He deserved it! He didn't need to blurt out to Wal-Mart that his brother has issues not keeping his fingers out of his nose.

Needless to say this was all very random and I would say something else but it would be in bad taste considering it was the tenth anniversary of 9-11.

Bad Tina bad.

Monday, September 12, 2011

This is how mini Psychologists get started or how mindless zombies/robots/borg are created.

So the kids are back in school now. It's been about 19 days since my last post and I have been busy. 

Ok I get it you want something new to read from me.. so here I am. I have been busting my ass trying to get a job where I can sit down. I have had 1 interview for the school district, I have been to Wyoming Work Force so much that I am on a first name basis with everyone there. I have submitted my resume and cover letter to every place that I know that will take it. Still nothing. The small town has a Who I know vs What I know policy which I hate very much as it keeps companies from hiring me. Fucking get over who you know because eventually they fuck up and it makes you look bad.

Like putting in a good word and if you don't live up to that well you're screwed.

Ok I am off that soap box only to get on another. I have had papers upon papers to fill out. Thanks for ruining the environment by killing a tree; school districts. I mean really what happened to using recycled paper. Half the paper you send home gets thrown away anyway. These are the papers telling us parents what is in line for this year and while I am happy to know what you will be teaching my impressionable young child, I sometimes worry what the benefit of it will be especially when you come up with Social Emotional Skills training. 

What the fresh hell is this? You have a bullet list of how many units you will be teaching and then a subset of how we parents can do to help the kid at home practice these skills. 

Unit 1: Empathy Training. (your definition) Children learn about feelings and ways to show understanding and caring towards others. 
My thoughts - First off my child knows about feelings. They run the gamut of feelings at home and they can see that in others as well. I mean seriously. my child(ren) see me cry they immediately want to know why. Isn't that caring? This to me shows they have an understanding of what feeling is being used and what is the appropriate response. You guys at the schools don't give them enough credit.

Unit 2: Impulse Control and Problem Solving (your definition) Children learn new ways to solve problems and practice skills such as calming down, apologizing, interrupting politely, and making new friends.
My thoughts - What the hell?? I get that they learn how to problem solve that isn't the issue but really they need to learn how to interrupt politely? I never heard of that. There is no such thing as interrupting politely. It's called wait til the conversation is over or jump into the conversation because you want to put your perspective on it then there is your opening to direct the conversation towards what you want. My kids also don't have issues making new friends. It's spending time with new friends that is the challenge. In this day and age Parents can't be too trusting of others considering the crazies that run around.  Also? Let me just say for the sake of everything that these things should be taught at home. My kids know these lessons like the back of their hand. I mean isn't time out a way to calm down and after corner time is up the apology comes next? I take it a bit further and make them do something they really don't want to do .. hugs. Yep hugs. This gets them every time especially if they are mad at each other. The LAST thing they want to do is hug each other. They usually are calm after that and continue playing as if nothing ever happened. 

Unit 3: Anger Management (your definition) Children manage their anger in ways that do not hurt others. 
My thoughts- Wow. At home my kids get put in time out unless they exceed the warnings I give them then its a spanking. So it occurs to me that I have no idea what ways you are talking about when you say they are to manage their anger so that it doesn't hurt others. Do you seriously think that they are going to just walk away from what pisses them off? I say being angry is healthy. Why? Because for crying out loud they aren't robots. They are allowed to be mad, upset, ticked off, irritated, irate, annoyed etc.. for whatever reason.. Maybe they are just having a bad day.. Granted they shouldn't take it out on others and probably should either talk to someone about why they had a bad day or like every other kid I know shrug it off and go play with someone else. I can understand that you don't want violence from any child but if it seriously comes to blows for some kids maybe YOU aren't paying attention? My kids are always the second mouse getting the cheese or being caught retaliating because YOU didn't see what provoked them to begin with. What's the point of having teacher aides and playground aides so that you don't see that kind of thing going on. If you were diligent enough you would have seen the first kid start it and could have prevented the provoking. Make sense?

 This being only the beginning of the third week you are just now sending home this letter to inform me that you are teaching my child about Empathy. Your definition - identifying and understanding your own and others' feelings in order to get along better. My thoughts - hmm you might be on to something... Wait.. they learn this from day one. They pick up on it at home. They know how to read body language and they know how others feel by whatever emotion is being portrayed. Then you give us ways to practice Empathy with our child. 
1. Identifying their own and others' feelings by looking at faces, recognizing body clues, and listening to voices and watching what is happening. You say we can help the child practice noticing by commenting on their disposition. (i.e. You're smiling, then you ask the question Are you happy? Why?)
My thoughts- First off the kid is smiling. This kinda goes without saying that the kid is happy. Second off don't be Captain Obvious and ask them why. Chances are you just surprised them with an ice cream cone or promised them something amazing. Also? I just mentioned above that my kids are adept at reading body language to know if a certain feeling is being shown. If they are unsure they know to ask. 
2. Recognizing that people may react differently to different situations. You say we can help the child practice by saying to them "You like to play _________, but it scares (which not all kids are scared of situations maybe they just don't want to do it?Did that ever occur to you?) your friend. What can we do about that?" (Not a damn thing. You don't force another kid to do something they don't want to do.)
My thoughts - I couldn't resist point out that not all kids are scared of things. Some probably don't know how to say no or just plain don't want to do what your child is doing. Remember its a freedom to do what they want I think its expression. Also you don't make someone else's kid do something that they don't want to do. I should also point out that while I am all for the kid to try new things if they genuinely don't want to do whatever it is you are trying to make them do then don't force them. Maybe start them off with small steps on how to get to the point where they want to be able to do the activity. It's like trying a new food .. small bites first.. then if they don't throw up on you then its a start. 
3. Predict Feelings. You say  we can help our child practice this skill  by asking them "How do you think your friend might feel if she asked you a question and you didn't answer?" 
My thoughts - They get this at home. Worded like this: How do you think that makes your sister feel when you pull her hair? Would you like it? The general answer is NO. I mean they don't need to relearn this particular skill and I have no problems incorporating it with what I teach them at home. But I am not raising my kids to be Psychic either. They shouldn't learn to predict feelings because generally that could get them in trouble. Case in point. You didn't answer me, how do you think that makes me feel? (this is where you ad-lib the other person's answer and depending on how snarky you are determines the answer.)Most people ad-lib this: It makes you feel upset (which is usually said in a sarcastic tone and for emphasis there is a rolling of the eyes.). Which just points out that you predicted they would be sarcastic and not very Empathetic to your feelings.. which then I would think defeat the purpose of this exercise. 
4. Learning the difference between accidents and things done on purpose. You say we can help the child by asking them "Do you think he really meant to knock over your bike?"
My thoughts - WHY did you ask them that question?? You know through "Predicting Feelings" that the answer to that is going to be YES. This irks me to no end because you can show by actions the difference between doing something on purpose to doing something on accident. KIDS know how to manipulate this feeling! Case in point. My daughter was reading a book. Her brother comes along and knocks it out of her hands. His excuse was he was just playing. She knew he did it on purpose and that it wasn't an accident and knew he was just doing it to piss her off. He knew it wasn't playing and he knew he did it to piss her off. He also knew that when he did it that it was wrong. Now when they are doing something together and one knocks over a juice cup reaching for something (that he should have asked for to begin with) that is an accident and she knows that as well. No use crying over spilled juice if communication were to be recognized. What I mean is that usually in an accident the other doesn't have an awareness of what is going on such as stepping on toes or reaching for something and accidentally knocking something over. Now if you have the attention of the person you and you deliberately stomp on their toes its not an accident and again you give the kids too little credit concerning this. I think they like to lie. ( I will elaborate in a min.)
5. Sharing feelings. You say we can practice this with the child by sharing our feelings with them. 
My thoughts - While it may help your child understand how you are feeling it doesn't necessarily mean its the truth. You can smile and at the same time be hurting inside. That is what it means to be a parent. Its the ability to keep grown up feelings to yourself rather than spew them onto the poor child giving them a burden they can't bare. While sometimes you can tell them that you are crying because someone hurt your feelings or that someone outright hurt you, it only appeases little kids. When you have tweens that is a different story. They want to know why and they want to know if you are going to be ok. Teens don't care because they are dealing with their own imbalances and feelings.  Sometimes grown-ups can't share their feelings with little kids because it will get them into trouble. (You know I had to go there because way too many adults take this literally and end up on THAT list, if they are caught "sharing" their feelings with a minor.) While I know that you probably didn't mean that kind of feelings or sharing I am aware that its a fine line for most people hence the reason I had to go there. I stress this to you because most feelings adults have are too much for a kid to handle and there for adults should not say anything or keep it minimal. It's not the child's burden to carry.
6. Understanding and accepting differences in others. You say we can help our child practice by saying "It's okay for your friend to be different from you. You two are alike in some ways too. How?"
My thoughts- First off the kid knows that their friend is different because of the obvious. They deal with diversity better than adults do. They aren't prejudice of race, sex, or anything else and you want to point out to them the differences. That is how hate is started. That is how bullies come into being. You want the kid to pick up on the differences of why their friend doesn't look like them because of the way they dress or how they act and its no wonder we have cliches, cliques and groups of people that don't get along with the others. You also ask the child how they are the same and they will give you the basic run down, they are a boy just like me or they are a girl just like me. The way they wear their hair or what kinds of things they like etc.. I mean this is the common factor of why they probably became friends to begin with so asking them that you are going to get that famous eye roll and a mom/dad please look. 

 So basically while you think that parents aren't doing their jobs in teaching these skills at home you are putting one more nail in our coffin about how you know better than we do about parenting when most of you don't have kids of your own or forgot what it was like having kids of your own at home. Not many parents are going to be receptive to this idea of you implementing social skills on their children. I know I am not. 

I want to say that while you thought this was a good idea to teach to the masses; only a few families need this in their daily routines because you can just tell by looking at the kid (there we go again with predicting feelings and identifying others' feelings) about who could benefit from this program and whose time it would be wasting by making the child learn it from both home and school. Leave the social and emotional teaching to the parents unless you know what goes on behind closed doors. And this is considered nosy unless abuse is suspected. 

You shouldn't implement something of this magnitude and not expect repercussions from parents. some are going to flip out while others silently fume  and others hop on the bandwagon. I am not one to turn my kid into a miniature psychologist, or psychiatrist/counselor. They should be able to be free with their emotions and not have to talk about their feelings not to mention be themselves. To me you are turning my kid into a germ-a-phobe not to mention a sissy where they either tattle because their "feelings" got hurt or that instead of confronting the issue they have to analyze it which is two different things. I am sure that you know the difference between confronting something and analyzing but just in case you don't. Analyzing something means to understand it; confronting something means you have to come to terms with that is how its going to be or confront the idea that you can change it. I want my child to be able to understand that they have the right to feel the way they do and not have to justify why they feel that way by analyzing their feelings of what happened to make them feel the way they do. If that makes sense. 

ok Soap box over. I think I will post tomorrow random things that happend on 9-11-11. And I am soo glad you made it to the end. When I soapbox I tend to ramble and for that I am sorry. It's also 2:10 in the bloody morning and I have kids to get up to the bus stop by 6:45. Go me. 

So anyway comment. It's not going to kill you or turn you into a mindless robot/zombie/borg. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Leggo My Eggo (Fantasy)

We all have fantasy's of celebrities. Right?

We all think of them as more than just human. Some think of them as Demi-Gods/Goddesses right?

So what would you do if for maybe one night or maybe a weekend with that celeb that turns you on? Would you do a dinner and movie? Would you have coffee with them and discuss their new projects if they were allowed to talk about them? What about sex? 

For me if I were to be faced with my Celeb crush(es) I would be utterly stupid or utterly speechless. But in the back of my mind they are just human and that is what we forget. If I had the chance to have sex with one of my celeb crushes I think it would be disastrous or it would be everything I hoped it would be and then I would be ruined for any mere mortal. 

So I guess one part of me wants it to be disastrous because that way I could make fun of it later (John Cena running away screaming You Can't See Me all the while waving his hand in the area of his crotch) and then the other part of me wants it to be so totally "Rock My World" that I will never find someone to measure up again.  

But that niggling part of my brain goes "WAIT.... you do realize they are just human?" Sometimes I wanna poke my brain with a stick. So anyway I think what my brain is getting at is that while they are human and we throw them into Demi-God/Goddess status we forget that they may have short comings, like performance anxiety and not the stage kind or maybe being totally human our fantasy let's us down in the way that we end up hating the celeb because they weren't up to our expectations. 

So I guess the real question is do you wanna ruin your fantasy with the real thing only to find out its a major disappointment therefore ruining any kind of "thing" you may have had for that person? I also think fantasy's are a normal part of what keeps our imaginations going and that is something you don't wanna fuck with.. literally. 

So I will keep my fantasy's and you keep yours and the world will be a happy sexually positive place where people's fantasy's can remain untouched. Seriously.. Don't ruin my fantasy because then I am inclined to mess yours up. You don't want that. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The paths my mind takes and the reason I shouldn't talk Politics

So I joined a group on Facebook and this group remembers stuff about the town we grew up in. It's always nice to reminisce and be a part of something that is history.

Anyway this girl commented on a place that no longer exists. Here is the following conversation:

So then I got to talking to Joe and this is how our conversation went: 

tinamariewitt1103: oh I think I open mouth inserted foot on facebook
qoraQ .puqloD: k?
tinamariewitt1103: u know if i knew the right way to post or whatever it is writen in the declataion that we the ppl have the right to over throw our goverment if we dont not aprrove on how it ran 
tinamariewitt1103: that's what that chick said
qoraQ .puqloD: k
tinamariewitt1103: this is what I said: I think its considered treason.. but you can Google it. I think its in the Constitution. As for getting something changed and having it become active you would have to get someone to sponsor it. It's like writing up a bill. Like Caylee's Law and get so many signatures on it. Then campaign to make sure it gets to Congress and from there the President
qoraQ .puqloD: k
tinamariewitt1103: open mouth insert foot I am going to Guantanamo Bay for treason
tinamariewitt1103: because I don't approve of the government
qoraQ .puqloD: lol somehow I don't think you are going to go to Gitmo
tinamariewitt1103: No?
qoraQ .puqloD: uhhhh no
tinamariewitt1103: LOL
tinamariewitt1103: probably a good thing.. I don't know how long I would last there
qoraQ .puqloD: LMAO
tinamariewitt1103: I would make you Name Rank and Serial number although at this point I don't rank anything and I don't exactly have a serial number unless that is my social number and well then maybe they won't get that either.. you can't trust them
qoraQ .puqloD: you are soo cute
tinamariewitt1103: LOL glad you think so.. do you think that would be my get out of jail card? my cuteness?
qoraQ .puqloD: You are not going to jail
tinamariewitt1103: I know but if I did I would hope my cuteness was my ticket out
qoraQ .puqloD: Sure why not
tinamariewitt1103: well they wouldn't let me out for my brains.. because duh that is what got me in there to begin with
qoraQ .puqloD: lmao
tinamariewitt1103: soooo my next question is... what is considered treason?? GOD forbid I get caught doing something that someone thinks is treasoness.. I thought that terrorism is a treasonist act and punishable by death
qoraQ .puqloD: not in this country
qoraQ .puqloD: But yes it is considered treason if you preform an act of terrorism
tinamariewitt1103: ok so apparently I am a fucking dumb ass.. 
qoraQ .puqloD: ok?
tinamariewitt1103: let me put it this way .. Betsy thinks that.. I am sure of it especially after I was telling her what that girl said about over throwing our government
tinamariewitt1103: she pointed out that it has nothing to do with our government and more to do with inflation and its not just here its all over the world.. WHICH I already knew but that isn't what that girl was saying or at least how I interpreted it
qoraQ .puqloD: if the government needs to be overthrown Then it is the people of the country that will have to do it. There is nothing Trecherous about getting rid of a govt, that is not for the people
qoraQ .puqloD: lol ok
tinamariewitt1103: yea but that girl is blaming our government for inflation
tinamariewitt1103: see open mouth insert foot
qoraQ .puqloD: Well why not? It IS the congresses fault that things are going the way they are. The petty bullshit of "You are a Repulican, so I won't listen," OR "The President is a Democrat, so I am against him." is the reason for all this crap.
qoraQ .puqloD: The congress will not listen to the people and it is going to bite them in the ass one day. I am hoping the next couple of congressional elections
tinamariewitt1103: yeah
qoraQ .puqloD: LOL love you
tinamariewitt1103: So I was on track with what I was saying then.. you have to get a petition started and campaign it to get it to congress in order for them to pay serious attention to it and make the change.. In school they taught us that if we wanted something to be a law or that we needed to make changes to the laws that all we needed to do was start a petition then get ahold of our local representative who will speak on our behalf or at least a sponsor so that we have some weight behind us to put this into action to make it a law
qoraQ .puqloD: Well that's the theory on how it should work at least

And then my plane crashed mid-thought and I didn't remember what I wanted to say. I swear to GOD that I shouldn't talk about anything involving politics or the government. It gets me in trouble and takes me to dark places and fries my brain.

My mom always said if I had enough brains I would be dangerous.. I guess we can be thankful that I am not into politics...

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Stubbed Toes

Break-ups are like stubbed toes. Very painful at first, much like a break-up, Your feelings are hurt and you think you will never be the same. You try to avoid being stepped on, whacking your toe on the same offending piece of furniture and tight spaces which are very uncomfortable for your toe. Again the same with a break up. You avoid that person because of the hurt and pain, you don't want to re-experience it. You avoid public places where you might run into that person which are just as uncomfortable as the tight spaces in which you place your toe.

But because this person in tied to you through other ties.. *cough parenthood cough*. It's like having your other toes being in close proximity to the hurt toe and there is nothing you can do other than tape the remaining toes to each other or tape your hurt toe to a splint.

But because of human nature and the fact that time heals all wounds we humans continue as if nothing ever happened and we adapt to the changes. We learn to not whack our toes we start over much the same way we start new relationships. Full of hope and promise and new beginnings.

Eventually we learn to face the outside influences and not allow them hurt us or influence us negatively.

Here's to you for the lessons learned, the experiences that I will never forget and the memories. Even though things will not be the same I don't regret them. Here's to moving on and being stronger. Here's to new beginnings and even better futures. 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Annoyances and Future Blogs

Ok for several reasons I am annoyed. Speaking my mind and I know some of this might be offensive. Sorry Mom. But this is therapy for me and it helps me to keep from saying it to people's faces if  I can help it.

First my funny broke and then it came back full force when my friend Eric (aka @fargo234 or better known to the blogging community as Don't make me count to 3). He suggested I go to Wal-Mart and take pictures of Wal-Martians which would guarantee a laugh. We tweeted back and forth about what I could do for fun. I then said something about Sleazy and he was for sure thinking I was talking about a guy because you know, no one talks about chicks like that. I just blew his mind when I explained who Sleazy was. Sleazy happens to be a female bowling ball. So for a future blog post equipped with pictures I am gonna show you who Sleazy really is. Let's just say that Eric gets full credit for this one and it did make me laugh. Because its not about making fun of her its about getting my funny back. Kind of a moot point to make fun of her since I will no longer have ties to her but whatever.. I am allowed my opinion and I think she is a huge Sleazy female bowling ball.

Second off my annoyance stems from stupid people. I know I know.. its been said that stupid people shouldn't breed and its an overused phrase but I can't reiterate how true it really is. Let's just put it this way Stupid people and CPS go together like PB & J. Because you know its a given that something fucked up will happen.

My third and maybe final annoyance? Migraines and the cause. I mean there are triggers for migraines I think this was triggered by unfettered rage towards bowling balls and stupid people not to mention other things. No seriously I don't want to go there other than to say it might get me in trouble with more than one person.. as for a future blog? I might re-post it to another blog.

Oh and I didn't mention that the tent poles snapped today under the fierce wind we had today and then on top of that they slice my arm open which just makes me irritable.

Today was a shitty ass day. Just wish I had some really good mosh music which would have fueled my rage and maybe I would have been in a better mood by this post. Sad to say that because of my migraine I cannot enjoy life all that well right now. 

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Rooster Teeth = Cock Bite

Ok so I was having a conversation the other day about how if I just take the written test and pass I can get my class N endorsement. A class N endorsement is to drive a tank. I was toying with the idea of getting my CDL and decided maybe I want my tank endorsement as well as my hazmat endorsement. I like living dangerously.
This beauty is Sheila. 

It's somewhat scary how anyone can pass a written test to drive a tank. Made me think of terrorists. Anyway so my boyfriend has me hooked on Red vs. Blue. This came after I found out that you only need to take the written and pass  to get the endorsement.

tinamariewitt1103 : doughnut had the flag
tinamariewitt1103 : teleporter sent me back in time
qoraQ .puqloD : lol
tinamariewitt1103: yellow dies
qoraQ .puqloD : That's Grif. He gets shot a lot
qoraQ .puqloD : and he is orange. LMAO
tinamariewitt1103 : holy shit.. church bye bye
qoraQ .puqloD: And that is just the beginning of church's problems with death
tinamariewitt1103: lol
tinamariewitt1103: and that is why I need my tank endorsement
qoraQ .puqloD: lmao
tinamariewitt1103 : so I can be the lady in the tank
qoraQ .puqloD: Hello pretty Tank Lady.

Red vs. Blue Episode 1

That was about the first 8 episodes of Season 1. So it comes to my attention that when I get my class N endorsement I will be able to pick up chicks. At least that was Tucker's idea for what the tank was for since no one but Caboose knew how to drive the tank. But know one knew that Caboose had activated the tutorial for driving Sheila.

I could drive Sheila provided she didn't tell me how to drive her. I like to press buttons and figure things out for myself and well her voice would be every bit as annoying as the GPS units you can get these days. I HATE those. Besides Sheila would like how I handled her.

If you get hooked on RVB well You're Welcome.

Friday, July 22, 2011

July Birthday

Today is the Hubby's birthday. He turns a whopping 43 years. So his birthday present from me this morning so far has been swift kicks to his backside. I still have yet to make it to 43.

We are gonna party all weekend probably go to the lake at some point not sure. I am making an antelope roast for him with potatoes. We will have ice cream for dessert. Tomorrow we will have the cake.

He came home drunk. Said he was only gonna have one drink and ended up having his brother drive him home. Needless to say I wasn't sympathetic to his plight. I was rather pissy. As for those kicks that I never finished?? Well I think he needs them. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Horrible things I did as a kid : Tormenting my brother because it was easy.

Picture this:

It was a fall day, we were going to school. My middle brother and I would walk to school with our mom since it was only a block away. I was still young enough to care about watching cartoons and that is pretty much what I thought about all day. I was also charged with the responsibility of bringing my brother home in the afternoons. After all I was the eldest sibling and my mom trusted me.

So I don't know where the irrational fear of the weather came from but for some reason my brother was TERRIFIED of tornadoes and I knew it. (insert evil laugh here)

It was a typical fall day and still fairly decent with the weather as far as Sept or October was considered. So we were walking home and the leaves had all fallen to the ground and some of them were crispy so if you walked on them they would crunch. Well the wind had caught them and was swirling them in a circle and the leaves rattled and that was when I got my devious plan.

I wanted to watch cartoons. I had enough of school stuff and wanted to watch my favorite shows. (I can't remember now what they were.) So we were just 5 feet from turning the corner to the home stretch when the leaves started really circling because the wind had picked up.

You can see where this is going...

I told my then 5 year old brother that the leaves behind him were a tornado and it was gonna get him. He FREAKED out and took off! I was left to howling with laughter because it was the funniest sight I had seen all day and of course I am a MEAN older sister. What can I say?

Needless to say I pretty much asked for that spanking. But it didn't stop me. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

The horrible things I did as kid

I am the older sister to two younger brothers. I would torture, tease and generally pull stupid big sibling pranks. Depending on whether or not my brothers told on me or if I did the prank blatantly would determine whether or not if I got into trouble with our mom.

One such incident I remember clearly goes like this. 

We were living in my grandpa's house while he lived in California and on this particular day it was raining. Our mom had told us to find something to do since cartoons weren't on. So my brothers and I decided to play hide and seek. My grandpa's house happens to be a two story home (ground level and then a basement). Often we would just stay to the ground level of the home for hide and seek and pretty soon that got boring. I was devising several new hiding places and decided to use the basement. 

*side note* Our basement had a place under the stairs that even I was terrified. I am not sure why, maybe it was just that it was scarily pitch black that not even a flashlight could illuminate the dark. (That was my 10 year old logic) 

Several rounds of hide and seek and things got really boring. So I decided to liven things up and I dared my middle brother to go downstairs. He wasn't stupid by any means and told me only if I go with him. Ok so knowing I was bigger and faster than he was went with him. 

We made it all the way to the bottom of the stairs where I shoved him and took off up the stairs where I turned the light off and slammed the door. Then just as quickly you could hear my middle brother HOWLING because he was locked in the dark. I cracked open the door to the landing and hollered down at him that the Witch under the stairs was gonna get him and about then I heard him hauling ASS up those stairs which I fumbled closing the door because I was laughing so hysterically. 

Because our mom was such a good mom she came to investigate the noise to find me with my back against the door blocking my brother's escape. She asked me what I was doing and where was my brother. I told her we were playing a game and that he was downstairs and at that particular moment he let out a terrified yell, screaming for me to open the door and hollering for our mom. She moves me and opens the door to find my brother standing on the stair just below the door in tears, red faced and just having himself a fit. 

I wasn't impressed and was laughing because I thought it was funny. She turned, after grabbing my brother and giving him hugs and calming him down, and told me that I was in deep shit. The look on her face made the laughter die and I went to my room. 

Funny how I don't remember if she whipped my ass or not but I think I remember her grounding me. 

See I wasn't a nice sister...

What are your funny childhood stories? Post them in the comments! 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Alien boy and the horrible sisterly things I did

Ok so here is the story of Alien boy.

I was about 11 or 12 years old and was left in charge of my brothers who are 2 and 4 years younger than I am. So that would make them 9(10) and 6(7). So our mom needed to get out of the house and go do some adult things and left me in charge. We were all charged with cleaning our rooms and maintaining the cleanliness of the rest of the house and we were also told to stay inside while she was gone.

Well because of the way our house was set up my window to my room was also on the side where the front porch was and often during the summer I left it open a crack for the cool air during the night. Well my brothers and I had dinner with my mom and she left to go do whatever it was she was doing. I don't know what possessed me to start picking on my my brother who is about 9 or 10, (Maybe its because I am a horrible big sister) but I got our youngest brother (6 or 7) to side with me about picking on our 9 year old brother.

Anyway so we started with just all out picking on him. First it was taking things from him and just generally being mean and then it was locking him outside where I taunted him that mom was gonna come home any min and he would get in trouble for being outside. Well some how the tables were flipped and he locked us out of the house and I thought I was the cocky one and said go ahead I would be able get in through my window. Little did I know he had already locked it on me so here I sat on the front porch locked out of the house. I was pretty useless about getting in. Nothing short of breaking a window was gonna get my youngest brother and I back in. Well that is until I had the brilliant plan to show my brother who had locked himself in the house just how much of a good time we were having.

So I got my youngest brother in on my plan and we decided that playing in the dark outside was the best idea ever! We were spinning around making the Earth look like it was going warp speed and then we would sit down and watch it spin. So then my other brother comes out of the house to see what we were doing and little did I know he had locked the door behind him.

Then I snuck off to see if I could get back in the house and it was locked. I knew then that we would all be in trouble so because I knew by then that he had locked the door I started really being mean by calling him names. The name we settled on was Alien boy. We taunted him that the mother-ship was gonna come home and get him which in itself was hilarious because we knew she was gonna get us all and I would probably lose my babysitting status. But I didn't care.

It's 10 O'clock and our mom comes pulling in and see us on the porch and goes Why are you all outside? I thought I told you to stay in the house? Aliens must have abducted my mind because I know I told you to stay in the house.

AT this point my youngest brother and I just rolled off the porch where we were. My other brother didn't find this the least bit funny and our mom couldn't figure out what was so freaking hilarious. All I could say in short gasps was Alien... Boy.... Levi... and scowling. Our mom finally put it all together and goes OMG Levi I am soooo sorry to which just made my youngest brother and I die even harder laughing. I keep going over in my mind what she said. Aliens must have abducted my mind.

That phrase brings a smile to my face even today.

I have more stories like this.. stay tuned. I think we all needed that laugh because of the recent scary shit that was going on before. I hope this makes you think of what you did to your sibs if you had them. Next time I will share Leaf Tornado or Dead G.I Joe's and the my little pony mishap.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

You can't trust anyone pt. 2: Closure

I am about to lay some heavy shit down. It's a true story and it sucks. No one should ever be subjected to this and I pray for everyone in this kind of situation. This happened at the end of November and is ongoing until we get some kind of recompense for everything that happened. For those of you with weak stomachs or penchant for killing sick fuck's like I will describe please know that we did everything we could including alerting the authorities to what was going on. I feel like a terrible parent and I kick myself all the time for what happened.

I am a good person. I help people when I can. So I had a person that I considered an acquaintance staying in my home with her husband and daughter. For a little while things were good. It was nice having another adult to talk to that was female and it got me somewhat out of my rut. Then things started getting out of control.

I ended up going out of town with a friend to go see another friend whose dad killed himself. My husband and I left our female acquaintance and her husband and daughter in our home with our 3 kids. We thought things were ok. I called periodically to check on them and make sure things were ok. Just like any parent would leaving their kids with someone.

Anyway on the return trip home I get a phone call telling me I needed to get in touch with the school principle. Ok this is tripping my shit out so I call and she said that my 14 year old was cited for illegal drug use and I was confused because no way was my 14 year old ever like that. But apparently peer pressure is what did her in.

I get home, my mom had taken her down to my grandparents house where they could keep an eye on her until I could get home. My mom was freaking out about what to do with my little kids and I said if I wasn't home to go get them I didn't want them going back out to the house with out me.

This is what I found out. Apparently my daughter has been having sleeping issues. Like not being able to go to sleep and stay asleep. I didn't know this because she doesn't tell me things. Ok strike one for me because usually she tells me things. So because this acquaintance is on Xanax and so is her daughter they thought it would be ok to give my daughter the Xanax too to help her sleep. Google Xanax. Apparently for some people its an antidepressant and sometimes a sleep aide. But for someone that has never taken it before not to mention the dosage was for an adult female my daughter had a weird reaction to it and she was lucky not to have had her stomach pumped or had been killed from it.

I berated her up one side and down the other for her stupid actions. I was blowing steam off because first off I am really scared and upset that I could have lost her and at the same time I was pissed as hell at the woman for even having given her the Xanax. YOU DON'T EVER GIVE MY KIDS SOMETHING WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.  My own mother doesn't even give them anything without talking to me first.

Ok so we got things squared away and we were able to write this off as a learning experience albeit a dangerous one but learned nonetheless.

We go through Christmas no problems. We get to the end of January and start having issues again. We had just got our W2's back to file and get some bills paid.

The end of January comes and goes and we postponed my daughter's birthday til the first weekend of February also being Super Bowl weekend.We were in town Friday morning taking care of bills and getting groceries and birthday presents for my youngest daughter. We left my 14 year old and our two youngest kids with the female acquaintance and her husband and their daughter. I told my 14 year old she was basically in charge since these people had their own schedule. So we left and within 3 hours the female acquaintance calls me its 2:30 in the afternoon we were getting ready to head out to the house when I get her phone call.She is in tears. My first thought was my house was on fire and my kids were trapped so I am trying to stay calm until I find out what the fuck is really going on. She told me she would meet me at my friends house and she would tell me there.

She shows up, tells me my 14 year old forced herself on my acquaintances' husband. After hearing this I am completely baffled. Not sure that I was hearing things correctly I asked her what she meant. I found out that the female acquaintance found her husband with his pants undone and my 14 year old hovering over his lap with her hands. So apparently what she walked out and seen was the process of a hand job. So my acquaintance told him to leave, and then she left. Which was hugely stupid on her part because what if he had come back and seriously hurt my 14 year old or my younger kids? I was beyond livid I was dead calm knowing that the sick fuck ever showed up I would seriously kill him with whatever I could get my hands on. As a parent and as someone who is very much against child molester's I was gonna kill the bastard.

We got out to the house and I proceeded to find out what was going on. In the meantime my husband's ex brother  in law shows up drunk and needing help with his vehicle. I don't condone his actions either and was really pissed my husband even helped him. Apparently he was a huge dumb ass and called his wife who had called the cops on him and when she found out where he was exactly sent the Sheriff out to the house. He was arrested in my yard which thankfully my kids never seen.

So while we waited outside for the Sheriff and his deputies to leave my female acquaintance was called over to the truck where she was told they picked her husband up and was hauling him in. What was only a routine traffic stop because the plates were expired was the only thing until the idiot (and much to our favor) the sick fuck that molested my 14 year old blurted he was sorry he had indecencies with a minor. Which baffled the Sheriff that pulled him over. He radios the other deputies and then the story comes out that he was trying to have sexual liberties with a minor. At this point I am like where the fuck are my little kids in all this going on. Thank God for TV because they apparently were oblivious to what was going on until every thing exploded into Chaos.

We then were asked to grab the clothes she was wearing when he was trying to stick his penis into her vagina and have her come to the station for her statement and ours of course. In all this we had to cancel my youngest daughter's birthday which she was severely upset and didn't  understand why. I left my kids again in the care of the female acquaintance (this wasn't her fault and I had threatened bodily harm if my kids were hurt or anything). She knew I would do it because I was that murderous.

So we went to the station where they took my 14 year old's clothes for evidence. They took our statements and 4 hours later let us go. What we found out later is what really kills me.

He had attempted to rape her. He had been sitting in jail and told the Detective that he would gladly submit to the lie detector test but the dumb ass failed it. So then because they didn't have enough evidence to hold him they released him where a few days later we find out the sick bastard fled the state. The female acquaintance left his dumb ass and went house hopping. She wasn't welcome in my home because of her actions.

Then we find out just a month ago she left the state and is probably back with the fucker. She left her 14 year old daughter in the care of her 18 year old daughter which really makes me question my judgement. So anyway we had my 14 year old's clothes sent off for testing which we were told would be about a 3-4 month wait because everything was backlogged.

So for the 3-4 months we have been waiting we have been ensuring the safety of our kids by teaching them to not talk to strangers and to not talk to family friends unless we are present. In my post You can't trust anyone my little kids did exactly what they were supposed to do which makes me soo proud.

We are finally going to get closure for the attempted rape on my 14 year old who is now 15. I hope the sick fucking bastard gets caught doing something hugely stupid and gets extradited back here so we can press charges and take his ass to court. We are going to file grievances and I hope his ass rots in jail. We found out today that the evidence on my daughter's clothes came back positive for his DNA. So now its just a matter of catching the rat bastard and going to trial.

I appreciate the thoughts and prayers that every one has said so that we can finally get some closure. I have learned to be wary of people now and I know I have learned my lesson in making sure I know who my kids are staying with. I wanted to get this out there as a learning experience and to know that people aren't perfect but to let this be a lesson to everyone that it can happen to anyone.

I am severely disgusted that it had to wait so long but I was hoping to have some good news at the end of this ordeal. Luckily we do. My 15 year old is more wary of trusting people, she is more trusting in family to tell us things that we need to know and she has come away a stronger person. We all have and I Thank God we are all ok. Things could have been far worse.

Monday, July 11, 2011

You can't trust anyone

So I sent my kids to a friends house to play. They do this all the time so there were no qualms about them going over there today.  They get over there and the kid and his family aren't home. Ok my bad, but at least the kids were out of the house for 5 mins. In the time it took them to walk over there and walk home a Fed -Ex driver was driving around delivering packages.

I think the Fed-Ex guy is a pedophile and that my kids are smarter than him. Apparently on their way back home the Fed -Ex driver stopped and was going to deliver the package to my neighbors but changed his mind and started following my kids. My son stops moving and my daughter keeps walking the Fed-Ex guy is still following my daughter at a snail pace. My son races to catch up with his sister and they run and hide. The Fed-Ex guy speeds up and drives past the hiding place and ends up turning around in another drive way. Sees my kids and veers towards the ditch. My kids hide again behind a hill where Fed-Ex guy can't see them and Fed -Ex guy drives past the kids' hiding place and turns into the neighbors yard. The kids come flying through the door telling me and their dad.

So because I didn't actually see what was going on I really don't know what the intention of the Fed-Ex guy. My thought process is A) you don't talk to strangers, B) you don't accept anything from someone you don't know and C) you tell an adult. All of which my kids did! Yay kids!

My question is why is Fed-Ex following kids. For packages sometimes you have to sign for them and minors can't sign for them or incapacitated adults can't sign for them either. The Fed-Ex, mail carrier, UPS has to judge someone competent to deliver the package to or leave it on the door step or leave a note saying come pick up your parcel. You aren't supposed to chase kids. It was all very creepy.

I can't report this because I don't know the guy delivering for Fed-Ex and I didn't know the truck number or route number. At this point it would be my word/my kids' word against Fed-Ex. The cops around here have to wait for something drastic to happen before they do anything about it. God forbid my kid go missing and I seen a Fed-Ex truck hauling ass away from the last place I seen my kid! The law sucks.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Mercy Killing and You

Are you ready for controversy?

Everyone knows Dr. Jacob "Jack" Kevorkian aka Dr. Death. He was a physician that assisted people in suicide.  I mentioned in a previous blog entry Sunday and Slade. I mentioned how I wondered what Kevorkian did to merit his getting into heaven or if he ever got in at all.

Obviously no one will know what is on the mind of God let alone the exact time of when the human race will be Raptured, Harold Camping has led us to believe that only he could know God's mind.

Anyway we all know what Kevorkian did and I know that the surrounding controversy most people were appalled that he could kill people with the lowering of a syringe stopper into an IV. People die everyday and in most cases its a tragedy because of the way they go. Other than the way that Kevorkian's patients went, people cannot control how they die. People die in so many ways and not one person thought to stop and question whether or not that person wanted to go out that way.

I can tell you most people don't want to suffer so why is it so hard for people to accept what Kevorkian did for his clients? Is it any different than putting a beloved pet to sleep? Isn't it more wrong to make our loved ones suffer than to give them the relief they need that only death can give them? Those people that died wanted more than pain medication. They wanted a full life but because of the way things happened it just didn't happen for them.  I personally couldn't put a loved one out of their misery. I would turn to my doctor for that. Because don't we trust the doctor explicitly? Don't we expect them to be "right" more than our loved ones?

For example you are at a stage 4 with Cancer. Chemo therapy isn't helping anything but your hair falling out if it hasn't already and is killing your liver. It's draining your life savings and that of your grandkids' life savings. You are depressed and to top if off your memory is going to shit. Your doctor tells you and your loved ones that you have early onset of Alzheimer's Disease. No cure but he can give you medicine to prolong your life. The part they don't tell you is that its going to cost an arm and leg that you can't afford. So what is your choice? Suicide or suffer through and wait for death to come knocking? Now while I don't agree with suicide most of the time (most people associate suicide for younger people that want to end things before they can fix them) at least with this option you get to choose how you go. Then there was a man that made physician assisted suicide a hot topic.

Because he is a doctor he had to take the doctor's creed - Hippocratic Oath.

I am sure that in his 4 trials that the Hippocratic Oath was brought up. They probably thought to use it against him. His 4th trial ended in a mistrial and the other three he was acquitted. So what does that tell you? (No lawyer could convict him explicitly.) He served time

To me it says he did what he thought was necessary in helping these families even if it meant death. As a physician I can imagine he had to have counseled these people and their families or at least referred them to a counselor. Death and choosing your way to go is a serious undertaking of knowing exactly what you want and not just having the pain speak for you. The other side of that is knowing what you will be leaving behind. Getting all your affairs in order and making sure that most of the major things are done so that your family doesn't have too much of a hardship later with bills and what not.

I know that most people tend to not think about death and the problems that come with it such as dealing with debt and grief. The people I know who proclaim the Christian faith believe that death isn't the end and that through Christ they will have ever lasting life so death is conquered and the only thing they are leaving behind is the shell. So is it really hard to make your decision on how you want to go instead of waiting for your time?

What if physician assisted suicide is your answer after praying about it for God knows how long?
I said earlier I don't agree with suicide. That is not quite accurate. What I mean is I don't agree with killing yourself because things didn't go your way and then you are all depressed about it. Take for example those teens that kill themselves because a certain person turned them down or because their parents split up. What about the middle aged man that is just fed up with life and things won't change so he takes his life in the hopes that it will "save" his family more grief? That now because he is gone they can do the things that they couldn't while he was there.

My personal belief that I am not shoving on anyone and not asking anyone to understand is that if I have a terminal illness with no cure and its costing my family money we don't have to keep me alive I would rather die. Now mind you I am on the healthy side of this because I am not suffering from an illness that eventually will take me.

I guess the point of this is to maybe get a different perspective of what Kevorkian did for these people was a blessing instead of a curse. I wouldn't go so far as to say that Kevorkian was a saint but he did what I believe he thought was right. What right do we have to judge a man that was helping people?

My point is Kevorkian probably is sitting in heaven right now with those people getting thanks for helping them. His merit was that he was compassionate enough to see how much life hurt them. He was compassionate enough to give these people a way to end their suffering. In much the same way we put a beloved pet down he understood that. What he did is between him and God and he will be judged accordingly and chances are that he will get to have everlasting life even after the last judgement or White Throne judgement.

We will all be judged for things we did or didn't do (in respects to what we could have done vs not doing anything at all) and we will have to answer for them.

This pretty much explains it. I may not have been a Kevorkian supporter but I wasn't on the bandwagon to crucify him either. I am of the mindset that what you do is what you do. If you involve me that was my choice to join you or not. I think because we are all entitled to our opinions everyone should have an open mind and do what we think is right for us.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Somebody should have warned me

What the hell is wrong with people that they can't warn a person before they do shit?

I jumped on my blogger site only to find someone had upgraded it to make it so sterile. There isn't any fun back ground colors or customization of my font. The only part that is the same is the part you see while reading this. It's my cool purple flamey background on black with gray and purple lettering. But what I see on the other side reminds me of a hospital!!

I didn't even get a warning email saying that after a few days a new format was available or whatever. Also it isn't user friendly. I was clicking on buttons kinda wondering where I would go and wondering if I could go back similar to Alice in Wonderland only its Lilscorpiosweet in Blogosphere.

I came on here to say something else and as it turns out all of what I was gonna say went right out the window as I started at the stark white and death gray template that is my screen for blogger. I haven't played with the options and I am hoping I can revert or at least give this new template something more interesting to look at because for what its worth I feel like I was straight jacketed and dragged off to the mental hospital and tortured to stare at white walls and have my skin take on the pallor of death. Bad enough I shy away from the sun.

Anyway Thanks Blogger for not asking my opinion. It sure would have been fucking nice of you to have at least had my thoughts before forcing me to accept a new template. You would think after having been a loyal subject for so long you wouldn't treat your subjects like this. I for one don't like that you just act like you know what's best for me and do it. When did you become my parent? Oh wait that's right it doesn't say Blogger under mother or father's name. Guess you need to start taking into consideration people's preferences and opinions. Do a poll next time or offer this as  a choice you would have so many more happy customers and users than just acting like a spoiled child wanting your way.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Injustice of a Child Murder

People like Casey Anthony need to be sterilized so they can't murder again. First off this is injustice for Caylee we all know Casey killed her. The people handling the evidence need to be brought in on charges of not handling the evidence properly and second off God forbid this happen to another of her offspring should she have anymore kids. It makes me sick to think she can go out and get pregnant again and possibly do this to another child. I hope the courts at LEAST order her to undergo a sterilization process that would be the least they could do since they never gave Caylee any closure so she could rest in peace. 

Casey Anthony you are lucky you don't know me or any of my friends. Because while we don't approve of killing for any reason other than survival, but I think we would bend the rules for you and every other child killer because people like you don't deserve to have a life after taking the life of a child that never had a chance. It is my hope that you don't ever get pregnant again and have another child because your type, would just to "replace" the first child you "lost". I hope for your sake that you never have kids. 

Parents that kill their kids should suffer the same fate they saw fit to give their kids. Andrea Yates deserves to be drowned in the bathtub where she drowned her kids. Casey Anthony needs to be killed as Caylee was etc... 

This makes me sick and sad at the same time. The courts fucked up royally. 

All I have to say is that I hope for Casey's sake she suffers every day.

And in case you are outside the U.S. and don't know what is going on you can Google Casey Anthony and watch all the crap that went on with Caylee being murdered. Many American's believe this bitch killed her daughter. Casey Anthony was found NOT GUILTY.

Golden Showers with Sparks

We all know what Golden Showers are right? If you don't then chances are you either are too young, not experienced enough or just plain don't surf the internet enough. At some point during our teen years and adult lives we take what is called a purity test to see how "innocent" we are or how "naughty" we think we are or would like to be. I am sure you can Google the words purity test and find the 150 question test and take it and if you are really internet savvy you could also Google Golden Showers and get a Wikipedia reference as well. Not to mention you could also Google/Yahoo image Golden showers to find a visual. NOT  that I am recommending this. But if you want to tame the hunger for knowledge there you go. You're welcome.

I am telling you NOW that I will not ever be involved in scat porn or snuff films. Those are just too extreme to me. While I know what golden showers are I also don't participate in them unless it's relieving my bladder into a toilet.

So anyway it's the 4th of July and like most American's I am celebrating my freedom with sparklers, m80's, screamer bottle rockets, fountains and watching the neighbors light off their mortar based fireworks. We lit neon sparklers, and smoke bombs, screamers and a few others and watched how pretty sparks shot out of the top as we set flame to the fuses. It was great to see the looks on my kids' faces light up (no pun intended) at the different colors that each firework was made up from. Before we made it outside we were taking inventory of what we had so we could take the proper precautions for safety and not be like the dumb ass last night that was handing his 4 year old son m16's and m80's with a short fuse. I had visions of blood spurting from a mangled hand that the poor kid would never be able to use normally again.

Anyway so as my Step-Dad was reading off some of the names of the fountain fireworks he came across one labeled Golden Shower. My mom not one to openly talk sex and tell raunchy sex jokes was laughing so hard she was crying because it totally was lost on my Step-Dad that as he was reading these names off some of them might be mistaken for porn movies or sex acts. Case in point Golden Showers with Sparks. Then he comes back to it, my husband, mom and I had finally calmed down long enough to tell him what he missed and he mouthed off "Well I know what a Golden Shower is but I never seen it do that before." And I thought we were gonna die. It was even more hilarious because the kids had no idea what we were laughing at.

Needless to say we had a happy and fun July 4th! 

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Slacker

I know I am slacking off on my posts. I have been messing around in Photoshop and tagging people in my photos on Facebook. Yep that is my daily activities. Facebook sucked me in and then spit me back out and half the time I don't really know why I am there other than to be nosing around in other peoples business.

You know it's Facebook's fault for being nosy. Like I can understand the idea behind wanting to catch up with friends and staying in contact with them but what happens when you have caught up with them? It's like that awkward phone conversation you have with someone once what you have said or needed to say is done been said there really isn't anything else to say. Ya know?

I am really famous for leaving conversations when no more conversation is to be had. I just click the x in the box and the thing disappears. Or I don't post on that person's wall.

What really drives me nuts anymore is how to leave a conversation. I am talking about ones on Facebook. I think people really have no clue how to end conversations and I see bunches of conversations just hanging without a close. Including my own posts so its not like I am picking on certain people.. or maybe I am. I don't know. Anyway I don't think we realize when we post on a person's wall that we should end the conversation.
When we are actually real time talking like in the little private chat box we can say ttyl or ttfn and pick up where we left off right? But what about those times when you post on someone's wall and you expect an answer back and then just random people jump in and start commenting. I mean it is never ending. You don't see a close and I am not sure that there was meant to be a close but I think there should be just to know that the conversation has ended. Then if the comments become convoluted there is no way that it could just end because you don't know where to end it.

Ok now I know I am rambling. I guess that is what happens at 1:30 a.m. when I need to go to bed. So I guess that this also applies to some blogs like mine. Other people have a catch phrase and I am still trying to come up with mine. One day I will have a catch phrase that will either make you think, make you laugh or just totally confuse you.