Friday, July 15, 2011

The horrible things I did as kid

I am the older sister to two younger brothers. I would torture, tease and generally pull stupid big sibling pranks. Depending on whether or not my brothers told on me or if I did the prank blatantly would determine whether or not if I got into trouble with our mom.

One such incident I remember clearly goes like this. 

We were living in my grandpa's house while he lived in California and on this particular day it was raining. Our mom had told us to find something to do since cartoons weren't on. So my brothers and I decided to play hide and seek. My grandpa's house happens to be a two story home (ground level and then a basement). Often we would just stay to the ground level of the home for hide and seek and pretty soon that got boring. I was devising several new hiding places and decided to use the basement. 

*side note* Our basement had a place under the stairs that even I was terrified. I am not sure why, maybe it was just that it was scarily pitch black that not even a flashlight could illuminate the dark. (That was my 10 year old logic) 

Several rounds of hide and seek and things got really boring. So I decided to liven things up and I dared my middle brother to go downstairs. He wasn't stupid by any means and told me only if I go with him. Ok so knowing I was bigger and faster than he was went with him. 

We made it all the way to the bottom of the stairs where I shoved him and took off up the stairs where I turned the light off and slammed the door. Then just as quickly you could hear my middle brother HOWLING because he was locked in the dark. I cracked open the door to the landing and hollered down at him that the Witch under the stairs was gonna get him and about then I heard him hauling ASS up those stairs which I fumbled closing the door because I was laughing so hysterically. 

Because our mom was such a good mom she came to investigate the noise to find me with my back against the door blocking my brother's escape. She asked me what I was doing and where was my brother. I told her we were playing a game and that he was downstairs and at that particular moment he let out a terrified yell, screaming for me to open the door and hollering for our mom. She moves me and opens the door to find my brother standing on the stair just below the door in tears, red faced and just having himself a fit. 

I wasn't impressed and was laughing because I thought it was funny. She turned, after grabbing my brother and giving him hugs and calming him down, and told me that I was in deep shit. The look on her face made the laughter die and I went to my room. 

Funny how I don't remember if she whipped my ass or not but I think I remember her grounding me. 

See I wasn't a nice sister...

What are your funny childhood stories? Post them in the comments! 


Miss Sassy Pants said...

Hahahaha I am an older sibling as well but my sister ALWAYS had control over me.

She always got away with being a shit because she was the baby of the family. One time when we were playing, she bit herself and pretended to cry. She ran to our mother and told her how I had bit her. In between her fake sobs she would shoot me a develish grin.

My mom began yelling at me, but at this point my sister couldn't handle it and she started laughing.

Only then did my mother believe me.

Since that point my sister knew she could blame me for everything and my parents would believe it.

Lilscorpiosweetie said...

Stay tuned, I have more where that came from.

I have 2 younger brothers and the youngest brother always managed to use his cuteness to his advantage.

I was no match for the cute factor.