Tuesday, July 12, 2011

You can't trust anyone pt. 2: Closure

I am about to lay some heavy shit down. It's a true story and it sucks. No one should ever be subjected to this and I pray for everyone in this kind of situation. This happened at the end of November and is ongoing until we get some kind of recompense for everything that happened. For those of you with weak stomachs or penchant for killing sick fuck's like I will describe please know that we did everything we could including alerting the authorities to what was going on. I feel like a terrible parent and I kick myself all the time for what happened.

I am a good person. I help people when I can. So I had a person that I considered an acquaintance staying in my home with her husband and daughter. For a little while things were good. It was nice having another adult to talk to that was female and it got me somewhat out of my rut. Then things started getting out of control.

I ended up going out of town with a friend to go see another friend whose dad killed himself. My husband and I left our female acquaintance and her husband and daughter in our home with our 3 kids. We thought things were ok. I called periodically to check on them and make sure things were ok. Just like any parent would leaving their kids with someone.

Anyway on the return trip home I get a phone call telling me I needed to get in touch with the school principle. Ok this is tripping my shit out so I call and she said that my 14 year old was cited for illegal drug use and I was confused because no way was my 14 year old ever like that. But apparently peer pressure is what did her in.

I get home, my mom had taken her down to my grandparents house where they could keep an eye on her until I could get home. My mom was freaking out about what to do with my little kids and I said if I wasn't home to go get them I didn't want them going back out to the house with out me.

This is what I found out. Apparently my daughter has been having sleeping issues. Like not being able to go to sleep and stay asleep. I didn't know this because she doesn't tell me things. Ok strike one for me because usually she tells me things. So because this acquaintance is on Xanax and so is her daughter they thought it would be ok to give my daughter the Xanax too to help her sleep. Google Xanax. Apparently for some people its an antidepressant and sometimes a sleep aide. But for someone that has never taken it before not to mention the dosage was for an adult female my daughter had a weird reaction to it and she was lucky not to have had her stomach pumped or had been killed from it.

I berated her up one side and down the other for her stupid actions. I was blowing steam off because first off I am really scared and upset that I could have lost her and at the same time I was pissed as hell at the woman for even having given her the Xanax. YOU DON'T EVER GIVE MY KIDS SOMETHING WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.  My own mother doesn't even give them anything without talking to me first.

Ok so we got things squared away and we were able to write this off as a learning experience albeit a dangerous one but learned nonetheless.

We go through Christmas no problems. We get to the end of January and start having issues again. We had just got our W2's back to file and get some bills paid.

The end of January comes and goes and we postponed my daughter's birthday til the first weekend of February also being Super Bowl weekend.We were in town Friday morning taking care of bills and getting groceries and birthday presents for my youngest daughter. We left my 14 year old and our two youngest kids with the female acquaintance and her husband and their daughter. I told my 14 year old she was basically in charge since these people had their own schedule. So we left and within 3 hours the female acquaintance calls me its 2:30 in the afternoon we were getting ready to head out to the house when I get her phone call.She is in tears. My first thought was my house was on fire and my kids were trapped so I am trying to stay calm until I find out what the fuck is really going on. She told me she would meet me at my friends house and she would tell me there.

She shows up, tells me my 14 year old forced herself on my acquaintances' husband. After hearing this I am completely baffled. Not sure that I was hearing things correctly I asked her what she meant. I found out that the female acquaintance found her husband with his pants undone and my 14 year old hovering over his lap with her hands. So apparently what she walked out and seen was the process of a hand job. So my acquaintance told him to leave, and then she left. Which was hugely stupid on her part because what if he had come back and seriously hurt my 14 year old or my younger kids? I was beyond livid I was dead calm knowing that the sick fuck ever showed up I would seriously kill him with whatever I could get my hands on. As a parent and as someone who is very much against child molester's I was gonna kill the bastard.

We got out to the house and I proceeded to find out what was going on. In the meantime my husband's ex brother  in law shows up drunk and needing help with his vehicle. I don't condone his actions either and was really pissed my husband even helped him. Apparently he was a huge dumb ass and called his wife who had called the cops on him and when she found out where he was exactly sent the Sheriff out to the house. He was arrested in my yard which thankfully my kids never seen.

So while we waited outside for the Sheriff and his deputies to leave my female acquaintance was called over to the truck where she was told they picked her husband up and was hauling him in. What was only a routine traffic stop because the plates were expired was the only thing until the idiot (and much to our favor) the sick fuck that molested my 14 year old blurted he was sorry he had indecencies with a minor. Which baffled the Sheriff that pulled him over. He radios the other deputies and then the story comes out that he was trying to have sexual liberties with a minor. At this point I am like where the fuck are my little kids in all this going on. Thank God for TV because they apparently were oblivious to what was going on until every thing exploded into Chaos.

We then were asked to grab the clothes she was wearing when he was trying to stick his penis into her vagina and have her come to the station for her statement and ours of course. In all this we had to cancel my youngest daughter's birthday which she was severely upset and didn't  understand why. I left my kids again in the care of the female acquaintance (this wasn't her fault and I had threatened bodily harm if my kids were hurt or anything). She knew I would do it because I was that murderous.

So we went to the station where they took my 14 year old's clothes for evidence. They took our statements and 4 hours later let us go. What we found out later is what really kills me.

He had attempted to rape her. He had been sitting in jail and told the Detective that he would gladly submit to the lie detector test but the dumb ass failed it. So then because they didn't have enough evidence to hold him they released him where a few days later we find out the sick bastard fled the state. The female acquaintance left his dumb ass and went house hopping. She wasn't welcome in my home because of her actions.

Then we find out just a month ago she left the state and is probably back with the fucker. She left her 14 year old daughter in the care of her 18 year old daughter which really makes me question my judgement. So anyway we had my 14 year old's clothes sent off for testing which we were told would be about a 3-4 month wait because everything was backlogged.

So for the 3-4 months we have been waiting we have been ensuring the safety of our kids by teaching them to not talk to strangers and to not talk to family friends unless we are present. In my post You can't trust anyone my little kids did exactly what they were supposed to do which makes me soo proud.

We are finally going to get closure for the attempted rape on my 14 year old who is now 15. I hope the sick fucking bastard gets caught doing something hugely stupid and gets extradited back here so we can press charges and take his ass to court. We are going to file grievances and I hope his ass rots in jail. We found out today that the evidence on my daughter's clothes came back positive for his DNA. So now its just a matter of catching the rat bastard and going to trial.

I appreciate the thoughts and prayers that every one has said so that we can finally get some closure. I have learned to be wary of people now and I know I have learned my lesson in making sure I know who my kids are staying with. I wanted to get this out there as a learning experience and to know that people aren't perfect but to let this be a lesson to everyone that it can happen to anyone.

I am severely disgusted that it had to wait so long but I was hoping to have some good news at the end of this ordeal. Luckily we do. My 15 year old is more wary of trusting people, she is more trusting in family to tell us things that we need to know and she has come away a stronger person. We all have and I Thank God we are all ok. Things could have been far worse.


Ericisfargo234 said...

HOLY FUCKING SHIT. Being male and overly protective of my girls, I'm not sure what I'd do in your situation. I've never experienced anything like that, and hope never to. But after reading your story, my gut instinct is to hunt the fucker down and go Dexter on his ass. I hope and pray that piece of shit is found and convicted. Sick fucks like that need to be done away with.

Don't lose faith in all your friends, but in your shoes... I'd have a tough time. Just know, you've got an internet friend down in Texas that agrees with you 100%.

Lilscorpiosweetie said...

Thanks Eric.

I want to go Dexter on his ass so bad if only to show my daughter that I can and will protect her from everything that could harm her. If I knew I wouldn't get jail time I would do it in a heart beat.

It makes me wonder how many other people he did this to. I am also glad for sharing this with people because it may give them some hope that they aren't alone and I am glad to be the voice to which they can't speak up.

I talked to my daughter to tell her that this wasn't to exploit her or make her feel bad. If this post let's people know that they aren't alone I feel that much better and so should she. As I explained it to her it could have been far worse and shit would be way different. I hope this gives people hope that Justice will be served. If the Justice system fails my daughter that sick fuck better not show up around here I have several people that will kill him on the spot and not be one bit remorseful for it.

The only thing keeping my Calvary - my husband, boyfriend, Stepdad and my Grandpa from going hunting is they are trying to give Wyoming the benefit of the doubt in prosecuting this prick. After that and it fails all bets are off.

As I said before I hope and pray that no one else has to go through this attempted rape or actual rape. Both are degrading and make the person feel humiliated and weak. I was hoping this post gave them a voice to stand up to the people that did this to them.