Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mum's the Word

Ok so work today was work.. Nothing good and nothing really bad about it but despite it all I was in a pretty good mood.. I was interacting with people.. mainly just listening to conversation going on around me and having one ear bud in listening to music. I interjected into a conversation and got my ass chewed a little bit for talking.. when not five minutes prior to my opening my mouth to say something, my manager doesn't even bother to say a word to anyone else that was talking.. only me.

Ok so I was pissed off first of all because I wasn't the only one talking, second because of the way she said it.. implying that my product won't do itself.. Wouldn't that be nice? But then I would be out of a job.. oh well.. so anyway I sat there and fumed for a while going over in my head how fucked up it is to have several people around me talk and I don't get to.. It wasn't like I was blabbing up a storm or not doing my work because I WAS doing it. The people I was talking to will vouch for me that I was doing my work so all in all it was just that the manager singled me out..

I have no idea what in the hell was going on..but after I fumed and my first break I was able to calm down a bit and then make fun of what happened.. saying things like God forbid I talk it might be misconstrued as not working! And stuff along that line. Not another word was said to me.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

And this is why I don't dine out

So after having had a bad day to begin with.. we felt that we needed a pick me up in the form of pizza.

So we went to our local Pizza Hut only to experience attitude problems and half assed solutions.

We ordered 2 pan tossed pizza's and 22 wing piece. Only to have 1 pan tossed pizza and 22 wings that looked more like a cross between chicken strips and popcorn chicken. Our other pizza had more onions than I care to like yet we ate them because we were hungry and we could pick the onions off.

Anyway the food was still good with the exception of the wings. Usually they are dripping in sauce. Today it looked like they had been spritzed with flavor rather than swimming. I don't know who put the order together but apparently their lack in care and quality was parallel to the attitude we got from the manager and their help. It was ridiculous the cashier wasn't in her position nor was she out on the floor helping the only server who fumbled with orders. He never even wrote it down. He screwed up with our drinks which is why we didn't get them all at the same time and our food didn't come all at the same time.

Our server wasn't prepared, we got our plates after our first pizza came out of the oven, the wings were disappointing and by the time our second pizza and wings came, we had already demolished the first pizza. It was a sad state of affairs when people went to the counter to get refills when the waiter should have been on top of it. When the manager was confronted with our problem he drizzled COLD garlic parmasean sauce over the top of the wings and asked if that was good enough.. umm what the fuck do you think? I am glad I wasn't the one that dealt with that part of our order because I think I would have done something I would later regret. I mean seriously how hard is it to say Sorry and rectify the situation in the form of maybe taking it off the order or redoing the wings with fresh sauce or offer a discount on wings next time if we decided to go in or order from them?

This Pizza Hut didn't used to be like this for service or food. Shame on the Riverton Branch! I will not be eating there again and I will not recommend anyone to partake of their business either.