Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mum's the Word

Ok so work today was work.. Nothing good and nothing really bad about it but despite it all I was in a pretty good mood.. I was interacting with people.. mainly just listening to conversation going on around me and having one ear bud in listening to music. I interjected into a conversation and got my ass chewed a little bit for talking.. when not five minutes prior to my opening my mouth to say something, my manager doesn't even bother to say a word to anyone else that was talking.. only me.

Ok so I was pissed off first of all because I wasn't the only one talking, second because of the way she said it.. implying that my product won't do itself.. Wouldn't that be nice? But then I would be out of a job.. oh well.. so anyway I sat there and fumed for a while going over in my head how fucked up it is to have several people around me talk and I don't get to.. It wasn't like I was blabbing up a storm or not doing my work because I WAS doing it. The people I was talking to will vouch for me that I was doing my work so all in all it was just that the manager singled me out..

I have no idea what in the hell was going on..but after I fumed and my first break I was able to calm down a bit and then make fun of what happened.. saying things like God forbid I talk it might be misconstrued as not working! And stuff along that line. Not another word was said to me.

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