Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Spelling! What the Fuck is wrong with you?

I am really annoyed with schools these days. Yes I realize that most schools are out for summer and offering summer school for those kids that need the extra help. What I am annoyed about is the curriculum. Why can't they teach spelling and grammar and proper use of a word not to mention its definition? Is it because they can't fight the technology of smart phones, spell check and auto correct?

Spell check is good IF you know how to reasonably spell the words in a sense that spell check can tell you that it's wrong or just doesn't give a suggestion, so you just put another word that means about the same thing that you are trying to get across. Auto correct is an accident waiting to happen I am sure all of you have heard of the website damnyouautocorrect.com and laughed manically at the many of the submissions ranging from the racy to the lame. Some can be pegged as genuine auto-corrects and some are (in my opinion) fakes.

Kids these days have IPhones and Android products and use text speak and chat just to get around using the proper English word.

It's a sad day when grammar and spelling are no longer used. Guess I will continue being a dinosaur and trying to teach my kids the proper way to spell and use the word in its correct context and definition.

Because throwing in the profanity makes it funnier.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Stupidness of Walmart and texting

Happy New year first and foremost.. here's to hoping that this year is full of laughs.

So I didn't get Christmas vacation off from work... I got Christmas Eve and Christmas day.. then it was back to work.. booo.... Wasn't ready to give up my nice warm bed for freezing temps! 

However there was some random silliness from me to my boyfriend before Christmas and I wanted to share it with you. Keep in mind it was still holiday shopping and I was wracking my brain trying to figure out what to get my boyfriend for Christmas that he could open in front of the kids and his parents. 

I was at Wal-mart getting in line at the Pharmacy when my son says that we could go ahead of the people sitting on the benches. I said yeah we could be rude like that or we can wait just as patiently as they were behind them. I will tell you with three kids and the oldest acting more like the youngest it wasn't a pleasant trip. There was bickering and lots of I didn't do its flying around behind me as I am going through the store. 

So anyway these patient people were telling me somewhat politely if strained that I needed to go drop off my prescription at the drop off window. I somewhat politely yet strained telling them that I had already done that before I started my shopping and that I was coming to see if it was ready. I wasn't about to cut in front of people. Well my eldest son couldn't help but make an ass of himself and try and make me look bad when I had to tell him I knew what I was doing and that I was staying where I was. 

So after that we all sat there quiet as you can be with three rubber balls bouncing off the walls I happen to notice we are sitting directly in front of the condoms. The first set I spy is the Fire and Ice set and next to that is a twisted condom. I am not entirely sure what was going on with the twisted one but the fire and ice sounded exciting. I have yet to see the commercial for that one. 

So I texted my boyfriend and this is the conversation verbatim:

Me: LMAO I should get you a condom with fire and ice or the twisted feel
Him: You do and I am going to get you a nice bullet to open in front of my mom. LMAO
Me: LMAO there is armored condoms too... ever feel like being my knight in shining armor or an armadillo?
Him: Armadillo? LMFAO. Heavy duty armor.
Me: hahaha
Him Those would be for porn stars like Peter North or that guy you like. Bullet shots.
Me: It's made by Magnum
Him: Ohhh fuck
Him: That's just damn awesome!!!

And for the Record I don't know many guys in porn, just one that was also the cover man for many of  the Romance novels I used to read. Evan Stone. If you don't know who that is google him. I will wait.. and while you are researching just who Evan Stone is or Peter North for that matter I remind you I was never into looks.. or with them maybe I was.. but my idea of good looking differs from your views I am pretty sure.

Monday, September 3, 2012

This isn't what I signed on for.

Fourteen year old's are weird..

I mean in the sense that their emotions and actions don't mix. It's like a total foreign language to me. I don't remember if I was that way but I am pretty sure there was some mix up back then.

Take today for instance, I told him to shower.. take a shower, jump in the shower.. just something with a shower.. well he insists that I made him take one yesterday when in fact my fuzzy brain doesn't recall anything of that sort.. Believe me I would have remembered it.

So he walks out to the living room stark ass naked and I was basically blinded and blind-sighted because I didn't expect him to be in my living room with no clothes on And I don't want to ever look upon the fourteen year old form again (shudder).

And for the life of me I can't even remember what was said other than I why are you out here with no clothes on? He walked away like he owned the place saying he can do it if he wants.

Wow. totally speechless and blind. Thanks kid.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Karma will fuck you up because I can't :(

Dear Miss Piggy,

If there was ever a time that I wanted to cave your face in, today is that day. It is one thing to destroy an already run down vehicle but quite another to destroy something that could have been donated or at least given back. You are nothing but a hateful, psychotic bitch that didn't get her way. You were perfectly ok with things going your way and you threw a hissy fit whenever something or someone cramped your style. Too bad for you, you stupid bitch that I saw through your fucking lies. Just because I am no longer with the man we sort of shared doesn't mean you can treat him like shit. He was never yours and never will be and those kids never liked you. They were glad to be away from you.

I bet your son has Munchhausen syndrome because you can't untie the apron strings from around his neck.. Forcing him to do whatever you tell him.. Lying for you, spying for you.. Is that really a way to live? Don't you get bored fucking things up?

Then you have the nerve to call me and "justify" yourself as to why you destroyed an already barely running vehicle? That you have the balls to tell me that you miss my kids as if I had never been in the picture? You tried pushing me out.. well guess what bitch I never left and I will not stand by and let you fuck up someone's life because he doesn't want you.. Lose some weight, gain a personality aside from being psychotic and and be a loving mother to that boy of yours. You worry about other people's kids as if you can do a better job.. tell me how is that going with your son in and out of trouble? How is that going when your child can't even differentiate between right and wrong due to his illness that you can't even begin to cope with? Does it make you feel like a failure so that you have to talk down your nose at everyone else and their kids? Does it make you feel better about yourself that you can slum at the local Walmart and spend money that you don't have buying things you can't afford only to wind up not being able to pay your bills? Oh yeah I was in on that too you stupid bitch. You wanted all his money to pay off your stupid bills and get him to push me out of my kids' lives and take MY share of the money that was owed to me.

Does it make you feel better to hold mommy's hand in public? Think I won't tell you to fuck off when you are with her and you start something? Think I won't tell you where to go how to get there and what broomstick to shove up your stupid piggy ass? Seriously? Take a swing bitch and I will have your ass in jail so fast that your son won't remember having a rotten bitch for a mother anymore.

And I am just getting started.. All those times that he called me to verify things concerning the kids and he had to put me on speaker phone.. What bitch I'm not a criminal.. all you got was a watered down story of me. You don't know me, you don't know him and you sure as hell didn't know my kids. You pretend to be something you aren't and you fall short on everything!! Too bad you have some people fooled.. You lied to your friends about being with a married man, then lied to cover your ass.. You knew I wasn't where you said I was.. you knew that if you got him to hate me and drag my name through the mud that you would win everything and show me just how much of a better person you are.. Guess what.. who still has her job? Who still has her kids?
Guess who is still working things out with that man? ME... how many times did you fail at relationships? I still have a decent one with the in-laws... but at least I was never fake to them! You don't start off being sickeningly sweet to someone's family then treat the potential groom like horse shit.. you don't win over his kids by playing their mom and dad against each other and then sit on the sidelines as if you didn't have a play in this chaos.

Someone should have given you a manual for life because everything you are doing isn't how it should be done.. You think you are better... God I am so disgusted to have you as a member of the human race let alone the female species. Whatever comes your way is only going to get worse. You started this Karma ball and its only going to avalanche into your back yard.. So all that hard work you did to destroy other people will come falling on your head.. everything you hold dear will be ruined.. it could even be taken away from you.. So if you were smart you would close your piggy mouth and mind your own business.. If you can't give back what wasn't rightfully or lawfully yours and should he not be able to get his things back in the condition in which he brought them to your place then I think all's fair in love and war.. kind of a tit for tat .. whatever is done to his things your things should have had the same thing done to them.

Oh and do the world a favor.... CHANGE FOR THE BETTER only you can change you..no one can make you happy so look in the mirror!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mum's the Word

Ok so work today was work.. Nothing good and nothing really bad about it but despite it all I was in a pretty good mood.. I was interacting with people.. mainly just listening to conversation going on around me and having one ear bud in listening to music. I interjected into a conversation and got my ass chewed a little bit for talking.. when not five minutes prior to my opening my mouth to say something, my manager doesn't even bother to say a word to anyone else that was talking.. only me.

Ok so I was pissed off first of all because I wasn't the only one talking, second because of the way she said it.. implying that my product won't do itself.. Wouldn't that be nice? But then I would be out of a job.. oh well.. so anyway I sat there and fumed for a while going over in my head how fucked up it is to have several people around me talk and I don't get to.. It wasn't like I was blabbing up a storm or not doing my work because I WAS doing it. The people I was talking to will vouch for me that I was doing my work so all in all it was just that the manager singled me out..

I have no idea what in the hell was going on..but after I fumed and my first break I was able to calm down a bit and then make fun of what happened.. saying things like God forbid I talk it might be misconstrued as not working! And stuff along that line. Not another word was said to me.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

And this is why I don't dine out

So after having had a bad day to begin with.. we felt that we needed a pick me up in the form of pizza.

So we went to our local Pizza Hut only to experience attitude problems and half assed solutions.

We ordered 2 pan tossed pizza's and 22 wing piece. Only to have 1 pan tossed pizza and 22 wings that looked more like a cross between chicken strips and popcorn chicken. Our other pizza had more onions than I care to like yet we ate them because we were hungry and we could pick the onions off.

Anyway the food was still good with the exception of the wings. Usually they are dripping in sauce. Today it looked like they had been spritzed with flavor rather than swimming. I don't know who put the order together but apparently their lack in care and quality was parallel to the attitude we got from the manager and their help. It was ridiculous the cashier wasn't in her position nor was she out on the floor helping the only server who fumbled with orders. He never even wrote it down. He screwed up with our drinks which is why we didn't get them all at the same time and our food didn't come all at the same time.

Our server wasn't prepared, we got our plates after our first pizza came out of the oven, the wings were disappointing and by the time our second pizza and wings came, we had already demolished the first pizza. It was a sad state of affairs when people went to the counter to get refills when the waiter should have been on top of it. When the manager was confronted with our problem he drizzled COLD garlic parmasean sauce over the top of the wings and asked if that was good enough.. umm what the fuck do you think? I am glad I wasn't the one that dealt with that part of our order because I think I would have done something I would later regret. I mean seriously how hard is it to say Sorry and rectify the situation in the form of maybe taking it off the order or redoing the wings with fresh sauce or offer a discount on wings next time if we decided to go in or order from them?

This Pizza Hut didn't used to be like this for service or food. Shame on the Riverton Branch! I will not be eating there again and I will not recommend anyone to partake of their business either.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thanks Flapper I am stabby!

I am taking my cue from @handflapper to tell you that I am also stabby. But for different reasons.

My week started off... well it was a Monday and Memorial weekend leftovers. We didn't do anything special for Memorial day which I am kinda grateful for because I didn't have the energy to do anything else. Tuesday came disguised as a Monday .. blah ... So work was boring.. then I get sick.. it started with a tickle in my throat.. and now that its Thursday.. I have full blown something.. where I ache, I can't keep enough water in my system to function and food irritates my throat and stomach.. I am beginning to wonder if I have become infected and turning into a zombie?

Does anyone know what the symptoms are? Anyone? Ok so here I sit with my throat on fire as I type this and still brooding over the last few days and all the drama and I have to say being the bigger person sucks! But I am gonna keep on being the bigger person because in the end I will get what I want.

By the way does yogurt go bad?