Sunday, November 13, 2011

Down with the Sickness

Hey guys! Are you happy to see me posting again? Gonna give me gratuitous love on my comments because you missed me?

God, I have been sick for what seems like an eternity! I can't even breathe right! Either one side is stuffed and the other is runny and makes for breathing difficult. OMG I turned into a mouth breather which makes me feel like I had cotton mouth sooo bad. My lips got all chapped and everything. Not a very good feeling if you ask me.

So I was at work and this lady I work with was all ; This is Tina, she is sick so you don't want to go near her. She was training a new person. I was all I am not contagious. New girl looks over at me and says that's ok I still won't kiss you. As they were walking out I was all Damn you're breaking my heart and we all had a good laugh.

I work making compasses. Very easy work considering I get to sit and count needles and tape them to pieces of  cardboard. I get to listen to my music and forget the rest of what's going on. I just wish this sickness would leave me so that I can start cracking jokes again.. or singing. I sing at work. not sure it drives my coworkers nuts yet so I do it.

Gonna go blog over at my other site about some more serious stuff and my rage. Bye!!!!