Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thanks Flapper I am stabby!

I am taking my cue from @handflapper to tell you that I am also stabby. But for different reasons.

My week started off... well it was a Monday and Memorial weekend leftovers. We didn't do anything special for Memorial day which I am kinda grateful for because I didn't have the energy to do anything else. Tuesday came disguised as a Monday .. blah ... So work was boring.. then I get sick.. it started with a tickle in my throat.. and now that its Thursday.. I have full blown something.. where I ache, I can't keep enough water in my system to function and food irritates my throat and stomach.. I am beginning to wonder if I have become infected and turning into a zombie?

Does anyone know what the symptoms are? Anyone? Ok so here I sit with my throat on fire as I type this and still brooding over the last few days and all the drama and I have to say being the bigger person sucks! But I am gonna keep on being the bigger person because in the end I will get what I want.

By the way does yogurt go bad?