Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thanks Flapper I am stabby!

I am taking my cue from @handflapper to tell you that I am also stabby. But for different reasons.

My week started off... well it was a Monday and Memorial weekend leftovers. We didn't do anything special for Memorial day which I am kinda grateful for because I didn't have the energy to do anything else. Tuesday came disguised as a Monday .. blah ... So work was boring.. then I get sick.. it started with a tickle in my throat.. and now that its Thursday.. I have full blown something.. where I ache, I can't keep enough water in my system to function and food irritates my throat and stomach.. I am beginning to wonder if I have become infected and turning into a zombie?

Does anyone know what the symptoms are? Anyone? Ok so here I sit with my throat on fire as I type this and still brooding over the last few days and all the drama and I have to say being the bigger person sucks! But I am gonna keep on being the bigger person because in the end I will get what I want.

By the way does yogurt go bad?


handflapper said...

I suspect the zombie virus starts off quite similarly to the flu, so yeah, you got the symptoms. When your flesh starts to rot and you find yourself thinking about how hard it would be to crack your nearest co-worker's skull, we'll know for sure.

donttouchthese said...

I know almost nothing about zombies. I'm probably going to be infected first.