Monday, April 2, 2012

Tattoos revisited

People are fucking ignorant.

Ok first off, some people don't want a tattoo.. fine. But don't judge those that do have them. Having a tattoo doesn't make you a criminal or trash.

Placement of the tattoos have to be considered. If a girl wants a tattoo on her lower back it doesn't make her a tramp. JUST SAYIN'.

Having a lot of tattoos doesn't make you insecure. It's not to hide anything unless that is the specific reason someone did it. But you won't know that until you ask them. Most people are happy to talk about their tattoos and what they mean to them. To them its art.  It has some meaning for them.

SO don't be an IGNORANT FUCK. Take time out of your skeptical and prudish life and just ask. What's the worst they will say? Um Fuck you? Nothing lost and nothing gained.

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Candi said...

You got it sistah!!!!!!!!!