Thursday, March 29, 2012

Not a fan anymore.

I don't know what my problem is but I have this niggling feeling that I should be good at something and that something isn't my job. I don't want to be good at my job.. I want to be good at something else.. Singing, writing, drawing for the love of God anything but making compasses and painting little red lines.

I am not tired of the lines really.. because it just helps me practice steadying my hand but seriously.. Why don't I have a natural talent? Why do I have to work at a talent? I watch American Idol and other things.. Britain's Got Talent and those people just go up there dee fucking da and whip it out and its no big deal.. just irks my shit like no other. I have since quit watching those shows because no talent hacks like myself get up there and give us bad names.. Not a fan anymore. 

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joy ann cadwallader-tutor said...

HA! i stopped being a fan of brunton a LONG time ago.... stupid ass people dont know how to run a business and .. wtf is up with all the "teachers pets" you almost have to kiss ass just to get a little recognition. Over it!