Thursday, January 3, 2013

Stupidness of Walmart and texting

Happy New year first and foremost.. here's to hoping that this year is full of laughs.

So I didn't get Christmas vacation off from work... I got Christmas Eve and Christmas day.. then it was back to work.. booo.... Wasn't ready to give up my nice warm bed for freezing temps! 

However there was some random silliness from me to my boyfriend before Christmas and I wanted to share it with you. Keep in mind it was still holiday shopping and I was wracking my brain trying to figure out what to get my boyfriend for Christmas that he could open in front of the kids and his parents. 

I was at Wal-mart getting in line at the Pharmacy when my son says that we could go ahead of the people sitting on the benches. I said yeah we could be rude like that or we can wait just as patiently as they were behind them. I will tell you with three kids and the oldest acting more like the youngest it wasn't a pleasant trip. There was bickering and lots of I didn't do its flying around behind me as I am going through the store. 

So anyway these patient people were telling me somewhat politely if strained that I needed to go drop off my prescription at the drop off window. I somewhat politely yet strained telling them that I had already done that before I started my shopping and that I was coming to see if it was ready. I wasn't about to cut in front of people. Well my eldest son couldn't help but make an ass of himself and try and make me look bad when I had to tell him I knew what I was doing and that I was staying where I was. 

So after that we all sat there quiet as you can be with three rubber balls bouncing off the walls I happen to notice we are sitting directly in front of the condoms. The first set I spy is the Fire and Ice set and next to that is a twisted condom. I am not entirely sure what was going on with the twisted one but the fire and ice sounded exciting. I have yet to see the commercial for that one. 

So I texted my boyfriend and this is the conversation verbatim:

Me: LMAO I should get you a condom with fire and ice or the twisted feel
Him: You do and I am going to get you a nice bullet to open in front of my mom. LMAO
Me: LMAO there is armored condoms too... ever feel like being my knight in shining armor or an armadillo?
Him: Armadillo? LMFAO. Heavy duty armor.
Me: hahaha
Him Those would be for porn stars like Peter North or that guy you like. Bullet shots.
Me: It's made by Magnum
Him: Ohhh fuck
Him: That's just damn awesome!!!

And for the Record I don't know many guys in porn, just one that was also the cover man for many of  the Romance novels I used to read. Evan Stone. If you don't know who that is google him. I will wait.. and while you are researching just who Evan Stone is or Peter North for that matter I remind you I was never into looks.. or with them maybe I was.. but my idea of good looking differs from your views I am pretty sure.

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