Thursday, July 7, 2011

Somebody should have warned me

What the hell is wrong with people that they can't warn a person before they do shit?

I jumped on my blogger site only to find someone had upgraded it to make it so sterile. There isn't any fun back ground colors or customization of my font. The only part that is the same is the part you see while reading this. It's my cool purple flamey background on black with gray and purple lettering. But what I see on the other side reminds me of a hospital!!

I didn't even get a warning email saying that after a few days a new format was available or whatever. Also it isn't user friendly. I was clicking on buttons kinda wondering where I would go and wondering if I could go back similar to Alice in Wonderland only its Lilscorpiosweet in Blogosphere.

I came on here to say something else and as it turns out all of what I was gonna say went right out the window as I started at the stark white and death gray template that is my screen for blogger. I haven't played with the options and I am hoping I can revert or at least give this new template something more interesting to look at because for what its worth I feel like I was straight jacketed and dragged off to the mental hospital and tortured to stare at white walls and have my skin take on the pallor of death. Bad enough I shy away from the sun.

Anyway Thanks Blogger for not asking my opinion. It sure would have been fucking nice of you to have at least had my thoughts before forcing me to accept a new template. You would think after having been a loyal subject for so long you wouldn't treat your subjects like this. I for one don't like that you just act like you know what's best for me and do it. When did you become my parent? Oh wait that's right it doesn't say Blogger under mother or father's name. Guess you need to start taking into consideration people's preferences and opinions. Do a poll next time or offer this as  a choice you would have so many more happy customers and users than just acting like a spoiled child wanting your way.


Candi said...

I'm sure you've probably figured it out by now, but I have to tell you that your blog looks just the same to me today as it always does. You must have figured out how to get it back to how it once was. Gotta love forced change. ;-) Have a good nite girlie!

Lilscorpiosweetie said...

Yea after prodding around with the technical stuff I was able to get my post published and what not and yea it will look the same to everyone else on the outside.

It was the inside that was messing with me. More like the behind the scenes deal where you don't see the string being pulled and stuff. I tell you it looks like a sterile hospital room.

I couldn't fix it but I figured out how to post so I guess its ok.