Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Horrible things I did as a kid : Tormenting my brother because it was easy.

Picture this:

It was a fall day, we were going to school. My middle brother and I would walk to school with our mom since it was only a block away. I was still young enough to care about watching cartoons and that is pretty much what I thought about all day. I was also charged with the responsibility of bringing my brother home in the afternoons. After all I was the eldest sibling and my mom trusted me.

So I don't know where the irrational fear of the weather came from but for some reason my brother was TERRIFIED of tornadoes and I knew it. (insert evil laugh here)

It was a typical fall day and still fairly decent with the weather as far as Sept or October was considered. So we were walking home and the leaves had all fallen to the ground and some of them were crispy so if you walked on them they would crunch. Well the wind had caught them and was swirling them in a circle and the leaves rattled and that was when I got my devious plan.

I wanted to watch cartoons. I had enough of school stuff and wanted to watch my favorite shows. (I can't remember now what they were.) So we were just 5 feet from turning the corner to the home stretch when the leaves started really circling because the wind had picked up.

You can see where this is going...

I told my then 5 year old brother that the leaves behind him were a tornado and it was gonna get him. He FREAKED out and took off! I was left to howling with laughter because it was the funniest sight I had seen all day and of course I am a MEAN older sister. What can I say?

Needless to say I pretty much asked for that spanking. But it didn't stop me. 

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