Monday, July 11, 2011

You can't trust anyone

So I sent my kids to a friends house to play. They do this all the time so there were no qualms about them going over there today.  They get over there and the kid and his family aren't home. Ok my bad, but at least the kids were out of the house for 5 mins. In the time it took them to walk over there and walk home a Fed -Ex driver was driving around delivering packages.

I think the Fed-Ex guy is a pedophile and that my kids are smarter than him. Apparently on their way back home the Fed -Ex driver stopped and was going to deliver the package to my neighbors but changed his mind and started following my kids. My son stops moving and my daughter keeps walking the Fed-Ex guy is still following my daughter at a snail pace. My son races to catch up with his sister and they run and hide. The Fed-Ex guy speeds up and drives past the hiding place and ends up turning around in another drive way. Sees my kids and veers towards the ditch. My kids hide again behind a hill where Fed-Ex guy can't see them and Fed -Ex guy drives past the kids' hiding place and turns into the neighbors yard. The kids come flying through the door telling me and their dad.

So because I didn't actually see what was going on I really don't know what the intention of the Fed-Ex guy. My thought process is A) you don't talk to strangers, B) you don't accept anything from someone you don't know and C) you tell an adult. All of which my kids did! Yay kids!

My question is why is Fed-Ex following kids. For packages sometimes you have to sign for them and minors can't sign for them or incapacitated adults can't sign for them either. The Fed-Ex, mail carrier, UPS has to judge someone competent to deliver the package to or leave it on the door step or leave a note saying come pick up your parcel. You aren't supposed to chase kids. It was all very creepy.

I can't report this because I don't know the guy delivering for Fed-Ex and I didn't know the truck number or route number. At this point it would be my word/my kids' word against Fed-Ex. The cops around here have to wait for something drastic to happen before they do anything about it. God forbid my kid go missing and I seen a Fed-Ex truck hauling ass away from the last place I seen my kid! The law sucks.


Ericisfargo234 said...

Ho-Lee shit. Excellent work on teaching your kids the right way to deal with that frightening man. I have two girls (7 & 4) and can't let them outta my sight yet. Havin' trouble accepting that one day I will have to. But for now... eagle eye.

Lilscorpiosweetie said...


Yea freaked my shit out that it even happened. I live in the country and I guess it can happen anywhere but you never think its gonna happen to you.. ya know?

I am very proud of my kids for staying calm and doing what I taught them to do.

I don't blame you for keeping an Eagle eye out. It's something we need to do because it seems everyone is a predator these days. Good luck with your girls