Friday, September 16, 2011

Because I am mean like that

So since my last post I went to a baby shower, went to Wal-Mart and somehow my filter between my brain and mouth died.

9-12-11 I went to a baby shower with my mom. We had a good time things were great! The kids went with us and they had fun, mostly coloring in their color books until the girl started opening baby shower presents. Then the kids' attention was transfixed on the gifts. Surprisingly they did really well watching and not getting involved and I could have sworn someone abducted my kids and replaced them. Before the gifts were being opened we were eating cake with frosting on it almost 2 inches thick and I swear it was in some places (like the corner pieces) Anyway all three kids were all "I don't like this cake." "I'm full." I was kind of in shock that I almost would have had to twist arms for them to eat cake. But they managed to eat it. One piece was all I could manage after I ate several meatballs and had a big lunch before. (I feel fat now :( but it was worth it.) I had 3 glasses of punch which I had been calling juice the entire time and when my son asked if I wanted more I said Nope I am all punched out. Which elicited a giggle from mom and then it hit me what I said (mind you it was only a nanosecond) and I quipped with "At least I didn't kick the bucket." Which made her laugh even more.

9-11-11 we went to Wal-Mart and were looking at things more specifically a baby shower card that wasn't cliche or too personal when I seen THE. MOST. HORRIBLE. OUTFIT. EVER. There are no words to describe what this woman was wearing and of all the damn luck I didn't have my camera. I think my mom would have smacked me i f I had it with me and took a picture. I know she knows I have better manners than that but I am serious when I say this had to be seen to be believed. The only saving graces of this outfit was that she wasn't showing any skin that shouldn't be shown or that it was neon anything! I would tell you about my mom turning 3 shades of pink but I think that might be too mean. Also that day my filter was dismantled because as we were all going into Wal-Mart a semi-truck was headed out of town and doing what I thought to be about 45 -50 in a 30mph zone honking his horn which sounded like a train whistle. So here we were in the pedestrian zone right there by the doors just gawking at this truck. My road rage was in full force and I was yelling at the truck (which I know is not sentient and couldn't hear me) but I continued on. After my tirade I turned to my mom and said to her "It's road rage." Which at this point we both know that we weren't even in the car.  Also I managed to forget what I needed from Wal-Mart which was batteries. My boyfriend was like "Are the batteries for the broken filter?" I said yeah that too but they were for my control pad for my Xbox.

Annnndddddd because I am a mean mom I had to kick my son because of what he blurted out in the middle of Wal-Mart. His little brother was picking his nose and he goes "EWWW gross! Quit picking your nose!" I kicked him and my mom gets after me! I was like wait.. He deserved it! He didn't need to blurt out to Wal-Mart that his brother has issues not keeping his fingers out of his nose.

Needless to say this was all very random and I would say something else but it would be in bad taste considering it was the tenth anniversary of 9-11.

Bad Tina bad.

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