Thursday, August 4, 2011

Stubbed Toes

Break-ups are like stubbed toes. Very painful at first, much like a break-up, Your feelings are hurt and you think you will never be the same. You try to avoid being stepped on, whacking your toe on the same offending piece of furniture and tight spaces which are very uncomfortable for your toe. Again the same with a break up. You avoid that person because of the hurt and pain, you don't want to re-experience it. You avoid public places where you might run into that person which are just as uncomfortable as the tight spaces in which you place your toe.

But because this person in tied to you through other ties.. *cough parenthood cough*. It's like having your other toes being in close proximity to the hurt toe and there is nothing you can do other than tape the remaining toes to each other or tape your hurt toe to a splint.

But because of human nature and the fact that time heals all wounds we humans continue as if nothing ever happened and we adapt to the changes. We learn to not whack our toes we start over much the same way we start new relationships. Full of hope and promise and new beginnings.

Eventually we learn to face the outside influences and not allow them hurt us or influence us negatively.

Here's to you for the lessons learned, the experiences that I will never forget and the memories. Even though things will not be the same I don't regret them. Here's to moving on and being stronger. Here's to new beginnings and even better futures. 

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