Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Leggo My Eggo (Fantasy)

We all have fantasy's of celebrities. Right?

We all think of them as more than just human. Some think of them as Demi-Gods/Goddesses right?

So what would you do if for maybe one night or maybe a weekend with that celeb that turns you on? Would you do a dinner and movie? Would you have coffee with them and discuss their new projects if they were allowed to talk about them? What about sex? 

For me if I were to be faced with my Celeb crush(es) I would be utterly stupid or utterly speechless. But in the back of my mind they are just human and that is what we forget. If I had the chance to have sex with one of my celeb crushes I think it would be disastrous or it would be everything I hoped it would be and then I would be ruined for any mere mortal. 

So I guess one part of me wants it to be disastrous because that way I could make fun of it later (John Cena running away screaming You Can't See Me all the while waving his hand in the area of his crotch) and then the other part of me wants it to be so totally "Rock My World" that I will never find someone to measure up again.  

But that niggling part of my brain goes "WAIT.... you do realize they are just human?" Sometimes I wanna poke my brain with a stick. So anyway I think what my brain is getting at is that while they are human and we throw them into Demi-God/Goddess status we forget that they may have short comings, like performance anxiety and not the stage kind or maybe being totally human our fantasy let's us down in the way that we end up hating the celeb because they weren't up to our expectations. 

So I guess the real question is do you wanna ruin your fantasy with the real thing only to find out its a major disappointment therefore ruining any kind of "thing" you may have had for that person? I also think fantasy's are a normal part of what keeps our imaginations going and that is something you don't wanna fuck with.. literally. 

So I will keep my fantasy's and you keep yours and the world will be a happy sexually positive place where people's fantasy's can remain untouched. Seriously.. Don't ruin my fantasy because then I am inclined to mess yours up. You don't want that. 


Ericisfargo234 said...

Wow. To experience a true fantasy. Sex with a celebrity. Reminds me of that Friends episode where you were allowed a list of five celebrities you could have sex with if given the opportunity. My GF and I joked about it. I made a quick list, but also realized, it's easy to say yes when when reality is so far away. Celebrities are real people. Granted, far too many of them are used to the rest of us saying yes, which I suppose is why they get into trouble so easily.

I'd rather have margaritas with a celebrity of my choice. Maybe then, I'd get to experience a bit of reality.

Lilscorpiosweetie said...

And see for me I would be totally geeking out and probably blurt something like " I really loved you in ____." Which totally makes it weird because you know they have heard that a million times.

To them its just another day at the office while we sit in awe of how we can't do what they do to entertain people.

Which is why I strive to be funny.