Monday, August 1, 2011

Annoyances and Future Blogs

Ok for several reasons I am annoyed. Speaking my mind and I know some of this might be offensive. Sorry Mom. But this is therapy for me and it helps me to keep from saying it to people's faces if  I can help it.

First my funny broke and then it came back full force when my friend Eric (aka @fargo234 or better known to the blogging community as Don't make me count to 3). He suggested I go to Wal-Mart and take pictures of Wal-Martians which would guarantee a laugh. We tweeted back and forth about what I could do for fun. I then said something about Sleazy and he was for sure thinking I was talking about a guy because you know, no one talks about chicks like that. I just blew his mind when I explained who Sleazy was. Sleazy happens to be a female bowling ball. So for a future blog post equipped with pictures I am gonna show you who Sleazy really is. Let's just say that Eric gets full credit for this one and it did make me laugh. Because its not about making fun of her its about getting my funny back. Kind of a moot point to make fun of her since I will no longer have ties to her but whatever.. I am allowed my opinion and I think she is a huge Sleazy female bowling ball.

Second off my annoyance stems from stupid people. I know I know.. its been said that stupid people shouldn't breed and its an overused phrase but I can't reiterate how true it really is. Let's just put it this way Stupid people and CPS go together like PB & J. Because you know its a given that something fucked up will happen.

My third and maybe final annoyance? Migraines and the cause. I mean there are triggers for migraines I think this was triggered by unfettered rage towards bowling balls and stupid people not to mention other things. No seriously I don't want to go there other than to say it might get me in trouble with more than one person.. as for a future blog? I might re-post it to another blog.

Oh and I didn't mention that the tent poles snapped today under the fierce wind we had today and then on top of that they slice my arm open which just makes me irritable.

Today was a shitty ass day. Just wish I had some really good mosh music which would have fueled my rage and maybe I would have been in a better mood by this post. Sad to say that because of my migraine I cannot enjoy life all that well right now. 

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wagthedad said...

Maybe throw Sleazy at the stupid people like the nihilists in the big lebowski?
Sucks about your migraine. I get them too. The other day I read an article that said people who get then are "hypersensitive."
Helped me about as much as it probably just helped you.
Hang in there, the weekend's coming.