Sunday, August 14, 2011

The paths my mind takes and the reason I shouldn't talk Politics

So I joined a group on Facebook and this group remembers stuff about the town we grew up in. It's always nice to reminisce and be a part of something that is history.

Anyway this girl commented on a place that no longer exists. Here is the following conversation:

So then I got to talking to Joe and this is how our conversation went: 

tinamariewitt1103: oh I think I open mouth inserted foot on facebook
qoraQ .puqloD: k?
tinamariewitt1103: u know if i knew the right way to post or whatever it is writen in the declataion that we the ppl have the right to over throw our goverment if we dont not aprrove on how it ran 
tinamariewitt1103: that's what that chick said
qoraQ .puqloD: k
tinamariewitt1103: this is what I said: I think its considered treason.. but you can Google it. I think its in the Constitution. As for getting something changed and having it become active you would have to get someone to sponsor it. It's like writing up a bill. Like Caylee's Law and get so many signatures on it. Then campaign to make sure it gets to Congress and from there the President
qoraQ .puqloD: k
tinamariewitt1103: open mouth insert foot I am going to Guantanamo Bay for treason
tinamariewitt1103: because I don't approve of the government
qoraQ .puqloD: lol somehow I don't think you are going to go to Gitmo
tinamariewitt1103: No?
qoraQ .puqloD: uhhhh no
tinamariewitt1103: LOL
tinamariewitt1103: probably a good thing.. I don't know how long I would last there
qoraQ .puqloD: LMAO
tinamariewitt1103: I would make you Name Rank and Serial number although at this point I don't rank anything and I don't exactly have a serial number unless that is my social number and well then maybe they won't get that either.. you can't trust them
qoraQ .puqloD: you are soo cute
tinamariewitt1103: LOL glad you think so.. do you think that would be my get out of jail card? my cuteness?
qoraQ .puqloD: You are not going to jail
tinamariewitt1103: I know but if I did I would hope my cuteness was my ticket out
qoraQ .puqloD: Sure why not
tinamariewitt1103: well they wouldn't let me out for my brains.. because duh that is what got me in there to begin with
qoraQ .puqloD: lmao
tinamariewitt1103: soooo my next question is... what is considered treason?? GOD forbid I get caught doing something that someone thinks is treasoness.. I thought that terrorism is a treasonist act and punishable by death
qoraQ .puqloD: not in this country
qoraQ .puqloD: But yes it is considered treason if you preform an act of terrorism
tinamariewitt1103: ok so apparently I am a fucking dumb ass.. 
qoraQ .puqloD: ok?
tinamariewitt1103: let me put it this way .. Betsy thinks that.. I am sure of it especially after I was telling her what that girl said about over throwing our government
tinamariewitt1103: she pointed out that it has nothing to do with our government and more to do with inflation and its not just here its all over the world.. WHICH I already knew but that isn't what that girl was saying or at least how I interpreted it
qoraQ .puqloD: if the government needs to be overthrown Then it is the people of the country that will have to do it. There is nothing Trecherous about getting rid of a govt, that is not for the people
qoraQ .puqloD: lol ok
tinamariewitt1103: yea but that girl is blaming our government for inflation
tinamariewitt1103: see open mouth insert foot
qoraQ .puqloD: Well why not? It IS the congresses fault that things are going the way they are. The petty bullshit of "You are a Repulican, so I won't listen," OR "The President is a Democrat, so I am against him." is the reason for all this crap.
qoraQ .puqloD: The congress will not listen to the people and it is going to bite them in the ass one day. I am hoping the next couple of congressional elections
tinamariewitt1103: yeah
qoraQ .puqloD: LOL love you
tinamariewitt1103: So I was on track with what I was saying then.. you have to get a petition started and campaign it to get it to congress in order for them to pay serious attention to it and make the change.. In school they taught us that if we wanted something to be a law or that we needed to make changes to the laws that all we needed to do was start a petition then get ahold of our local representative who will speak on our behalf or at least a sponsor so that we have some weight behind us to put this into action to make it a law
qoraQ .puqloD: Well that's the theory on how it should work at least

And then my plane crashed mid-thought and I didn't remember what I wanted to say. I swear to GOD that I shouldn't talk about anything involving politics or the government. It gets me in trouble and takes me to dark places and fries my brain.

My mom always said if I had enough brains I would be dangerous.. I guess we can be thankful that I am not into politics...

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