Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tattoos are kid friendly

I was sitting cruising the internet looking for my next tattoo. Something small something that I could afford come next pay check. Provided someone wants to spoil me that is.

Anyway so I am on a kick of finding my astrological sign that I actually like. I did find it but if I took it in to see the artist they probably wouldn't do it because of the way it looks. I mean it was already tattooed to a person and the angle that the camera caught you can't see the right claw. Here is the picture :
Isn't that awesome? I planned to have it tattooed to my left calf muscle. I am excited but you can see my issue with it right? The tattoo artist has to stencil it to your skin and then just basically trace the lines. (I knew tracing in grade school would come in handy!) Obviously this isn't gonna be small by any means and as for detail.. well I am expecting to spend no more than 200.00 on this tattoo. However I can re-size it and put it where I want it with no troubles.

So as a right of passage I guess...(my youngest brother was 16 when he got his first tattoo) my children want to have a tattoo for their 16th birthday. I told them we would see. Obviously the tattoo artist will have me sign a waiver etc.. I am completely cool that my kids want to tattoo their bodies. I was even gonna talk my own mother into getting a tattoo.. (for those that know my mom that is gonna be a huge feat to accomplish!) Anyway I was gonna suggest to her matching tattoos..My middle brother is sporting 10 tattoos currently and I am sporting 2. I want so much more because I like artwork I am not sure why my brother does it.. probably because he likes the pain.. ok I like the pain too.. so anyway I don't plan on ending up with every inch of skin tattooed.

So I asked my kids (except Slade) what they wanted for their tattoo. Jessie is Pisces and we found a few designs she likes, like this one:
Pretty cool right? No one said Pisces had to be fish.. it could be mermaids..So then Skye who is 8 said he wants a transformer. I told him that because he is 8 now, in 8 more years he has a chance to change his mind. But if that is what he wants when he is that age then we will see about doing it. He said he wanted Optimus Prime as the tattoo. Lala my 7 year old has 9 more years to think about her tattoo provided she still wants to do it then, has decided she wants her astrological sign as well. She is Aquarius and we looked through all of them that Yahoo! provided us with and her choice settled on this:
She wants the full body one.. (Yes I know that is painted on, but far be it for me to tell her that.) I have to be honest I am not getting them a full body tattoo so maybe something small like the middle picture next to the full body paint. We are still looking for something that fits her personality.

So in the meantime the kids will sport temporary tattoos while thinking of that magical time where I plan to take them in for their first tattoo.


wagthedad said...

Tattoos are definitely kid friendly. I got my first one last year, at age 37, and can't wait to get more. My daughter is always showing it to her friends. My wife hates that, especially when the friends' moms are there. They're a tad bit conservative. I feel like dancing around going "Don't you wish your husband had a tat like me?"

Lilscorpiosweetie said...

Congrats on the ink. I love mine which is why I want more. Either I am addicted to pain or I love the idea that its permanent and my mom can't scrub it off with soap.

She was always telling me that I would get ink poisoning.. I think she is wrong about that and it reminds me she could be wrong on other things...

I have had my masks since 2001 and my frog since 2006.

Julia said...

I have two, a tribal turtle on my left arm and a butterfly on my back... I love Tattoos!

Lilscorpiosweetie said...

I have several more that I want to get so its just a matter of time.

I love all kinds of tattoos so those sound Awesome Julia!