Friday, June 17, 2011

I can cook... Honestly

It's summertime and I have been slacking off my duties as a cook. We eat.. I come up with ideas for dinner but I don't actually stand in front of the stove and cook. Unless its something only I can make, like Manicotti. Which my family loves and won't stop gorging themselves on. But we haven't had the cash to get the ingredients I need to make that dish ... you know because living paycheck to paycheck really sucks.

Anyway so today I decide I am gonna make stew. Of all the days I get to cook (physically) I get criticized. Now mind you most of my ideas work and that is usually what we end up eating. Besides that criticism doesn't usually bother me but for some reason today really irked me. I put some tomato juice in the crock pot and proceeded to brown some deer meat that I had pre-cubed and then put in the crock pot. I added my spices and let it simmer.

So I am gonna make this the last meal I cook. I will even quit suggesting things to make because GOD FORBID it doesn't sound good to eat.

I had the following conversation with my husband about the stew that isn't stew.
Me: How does that taste?
Him: What is it?
Me: Stew.
Him: That's not stew.
Me: Yes it is.
Him: You don't put tomato juice in stew.
Me: Tell that to Bill (my Stepdad)
Him: You don't put tomato juice in stew.
Me: Yes you can.
Him: Whatever. It tastes ok.

I told him forget it at least I thought about dinner and decided to get something going so we didn't have to have oatmeal again. He keeps arguing with me about what you use for stew and he keeps insisting it has to be gravy. Sorry but I am using the resources I have and HE KNOWS I don't do gravy.. I can't make it and it always ends badly.. usually with a scorched pot! Anyway I have a few more ingredients to add to it like onion, green beans and corn. Again this may not be the way you make stew but with the limited resources I have, its lucky to even resemble something worth eating.

Honestly I am a good cook. I may not be a gourmet chef but my kids will always have something to eat even if its crackers and cheese.

Then he tells me lighten up lady because he was picking on me.. of all the things to be picking on me for... I told him he is not allowed to pick on me about any of my household duties including cooking when I do decided to physically stand in front of the stove to cook.. I also thought about making fry bread to go with our stew but now I realize that I am in no mood to make fry bread.

Think what you want but if I had the ingredients to make things I see in magazines I would. Because I am that good.


Anonymous said...

OK in my defense. Ant Tina's She Really is a good cook. And I grew up learning how to make gravy and stew with gravy. So yes I picked on her Just a tad. Tina I am sorry for picking on you. On the other hand I am a practical Joker and she knows this.

Julia said...

OH cooking sucks... (and we live basically pay check to pay check with two incomes-It will get better)....

Even though my cooking is horrid it is better then anyone else in the house and unless they want to starve... they eat it... even though something I made last week looked like vomit on a plate... True story!!

Lilscorpiosweetie said...

Thanks Julia!

For the record he went back for seconds!! As a matter of fact they all went back for seconds.

Beat's oatmeal any day!