Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Slacker

I know I am slacking off on my posts. I have been messing around in Photoshop and tagging people in my photos on Facebook. Yep that is my daily activities. Facebook sucked me in and then spit me back out and half the time I don't really know why I am there other than to be nosing around in other peoples business.

You know it's Facebook's fault for being nosy. Like I can understand the idea behind wanting to catch up with friends and staying in contact with them but what happens when you have caught up with them? It's like that awkward phone conversation you have with someone once what you have said or needed to say is done been said there really isn't anything else to say. Ya know?

I am really famous for leaving conversations when no more conversation is to be had. I just click the x in the box and the thing disappears. Or I don't post on that person's wall.

What really drives me nuts anymore is how to leave a conversation. I am talking about ones on Facebook. I think people really have no clue how to end conversations and I see bunches of conversations just hanging without a close. Including my own posts so its not like I am picking on certain people.. or maybe I am. I don't know. Anyway I don't think we realize when we post on a person's wall that we should end the conversation.
When we are actually real time talking like in the little private chat box we can say ttyl or ttfn and pick up where we left off right? But what about those times when you post on someone's wall and you expect an answer back and then just random people jump in and start commenting. I mean it is never ending. You don't see a close and I am not sure that there was meant to be a close but I think there should be just to know that the conversation has ended. Then if the comments become convoluted there is no way that it could just end because you don't know where to end it.

Ok now I know I am rambling. I guess that is what happens at 1:30 a.m. when I need to go to bed. So I guess that this also applies to some blogs like mine. Other people have a catch phrase and I am still trying to come up with mine. One day I will have a catch phrase that will either make you think, make you laugh or just totally confuse you.

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