Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Christian Brothers and Coke

Or as my husband says he was having a religious moment.

So he had an Eagles meeting and apparently they inducted a new member. And of all the people he was drinking with was his brother and a few other members. Now don't get me wrong he is free, white, living in America and over the age of 21. But this by no means makes him responsible especially when he is inebriated.

Ok so he comes home its later than when he usually gets home. He scarfs down dinner and takes off for bed. I had some personal business to do and then I ended up tripping on the shop vac.. that's a whole other story. So anyway I trip on it in the dark because It was his idea and cussed him out for not getting the damn thing put up.

I hollered for my stepdaughter to put dinner away and found she was in talking to her dad which infuriated me more because she was supposed to be in bed anyway.  I said "Oh I see how it is you will talk to her but you fucking bypass me." She scrambles to go put dinner away and all he could say was "Wow". In the mean time I am still grumbling about how I had things I needed to talk to him about and he is in bed, with a bucket next to the bed. In my mind all I know I am gonna hear IF he throws up is his noises when he does. It's almost as bad as his hacking up his lungs in the morning.. talk about rude awakening.

So I sat next to him on the bed telling him I would need his paystubs to reinstate our commodities and then outlined my day for tomorrow. So he couldn't come back and say I never told him. So then we got on the subject of texting and that he was drunk texting me and because Yahoo seems to be glitching I couldn't prove to him he was drunk texting until we looked at his cell. So I called him on it because earlier before he became buzzed he texted me that he paid a bill and told me in the text a certain amount and then after he became drunk and was talking to me about it was another amount. So I called him on it and he scrolled through the texts found the drunk text AND the text that told me the amount of what he put on the bill which he later amended should have been the higher amount. Either way it got paid which helped.

I was already in a bad mood because someone (probably that NOT ME kid) took off with my calculator and I don't know when that happened but it always occurs right before I need something. So low and behold I need my calculator and its missing. So I told my husband I needed a new one and he said I suppose it needs to be scientific I said yea and he said ok and I told him that it needed to be pink and have a function to graph and have a USB cable.. he said wait a min I didn't sign up for that.

Anyway so after we looked at the cell phone texts I proceeded to ask him how much he had to drink and he said that I wouldn't want to know which means he is either right at the legal drinking limit or slightly passed it. I wasn't letting this one go because he drove 13 miles home this way and COULD  have been pulled over for something stupid as a broken taillight (not that it was or anything but the cops around here are just that nitpicky). So I reminded him of that and yea he had me laughing but it was more out of incredulous shock than anything. I told him I don't condone this kind of behavior and tried to get him to see things from my perspective but telling that to him in the state of mind he was in is like talking to my 8 year old when he is engrossed in Phineas and Ferb. They may hear you but they aren't really listening.

So while he is telling me that he isn't drunk and I am not buying it I proceed to tell him of all the other times he came home that way and how he promised it wasn't gonna happen again. I also told him that if I could I would kick his and his brother's ass for letting him drive like that. I don't care if the cops let him drive home on the legal drinking limit (which is .08%) I didn't think that was setting a really good example, ESPECIALLY when he asked the kids if they thought he was drunk. Like really?? How the fuck would they know since we don't drink around them or get drunk around them? I was only drunk around them once and that was only because my sober husband was taking care of things. That was a huge mistake on my part and therefor I don't do it anymore. If I get drunk I make sure the kids are with someone else and then they won't see me drunk.. hungover yes but never drunk. I also made mention of going to the cops with a hypothetical question to see if had they pulled someone over and gave them a breathalizer to see how "buzzed" the person was would they send him on his way or detain him til morning when the alcohol wore off.

Anyway I kept telling him to go to bed.. good night and he was stalling. I figure its so that he can make me see that he isn't drunk when I know that if he was at the legal limit for being drunk that it is drunk.

He should never have driven home because 1. We couldn't afford to have him end up in a ditch somewhere 2. We couldn't afford for him to die and 3. We can't afford the ticket he would have gotten had he been pulled over.

And yes I know he is gonna comment to defend himself so I guess bring it. I still stand by what I mean about not condoning the driving home buzzed/drunk or texting while driving. I don't care that there wasn't another car with in 30 yards that shit could have serious consequences not just for him but for other drivers.

He still has a family to take care of. His brother doesn't. Let me also say that he pointed out his brother was on his motorcycle and more inebriated than he was which is another thing I don't condone and `OMFG SPIDER!!!!!!!! I don't condone driving drunk no matter if you have a family to go home to or not. I told my husband that I am not married to his brother I was married to him and my opinion still counts for as long as we are together and then after the fact if he has a relationship with the kids.

SO if you are gonna be mad because I blogged this to point out that drinking and driving is illegal no matter what drinking limit you are at then so be it because I stand behind what I said. It should never have happened and the next time you decide you are gonna drink then maybe you should make arrangements to stay in town. I will figure out how to get to town should I have to be there.

On the last note I am glad no one was hurt on your drive home and I am glad that no one pulled you over.

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Omg I so am glad you are not married to that fucking pervert!!!!!!!