Saturday, June 4, 2011

It was his idea

Our house is an energy drain so my husband decides to shut off the breakers to the back half of the house where things aren't working anyway. The outlet to where the deep freeze is plugged into is on that circuit.

So not knowing anything is wrong I go about my business and start planning dinner. I have my 13 yr. old get some bison burger from the freezer and he is being such a girl about it ew its all mushy.. I am like WTF? It shouldn't be mushy it came from the freezer! So low and behold I get out there and the freezer isn't humming away.. I check the breakers and start flipping random switches. Apparently the breaker I flipped was the one that also helps power the back half of the house so for about a week and a half (thank GOD for the bad weather and keeping things cool) my freezer has not been working. It was white noise anyway you don't really notice things until they aren't running because something just feels wrong. So the breaker I switched on powered the freezer for all of 2 mins and then died.. my freezer is now among the wasteland of broken or old appliances in my yard. 

(Yes that is snow)

I managed to save the meat, butter and cheese along with 3 bags of flour and several packages of egg noodles, some instant potatoes and great white northern beans.. 

Did I mention it looked like I was making bread in the bottom of my freezer as I am scooping this stuff out with a snow shovel? My husband said blood bread.. EWWWWW

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