Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday Volleyball ballet and Summer time activities

Sunday we went to our friends house. This being one of the first weekends where we all had the time to get together and do fun summer activities.

For those that know me, you know I am not an active person. I don't run or jump and I don't chase balls. So what did we do? We played volleyball. Yep volleyball. Jessie and I wore flip flops (which I  remember were called thongs once upon a time.) So about the second game I decide to go bare foot because I figured that was better than twisting my damn ankle and sitting in the 9th level of hell (the hospital or one stop band-aid shop) only to have a doctor tell me to soak it and put it on ice while keeping it elevated. So yea I didn't twist my ankle. I got those nasty sticky little things that come from the trees that kinda look like tiny bananas stuck to the bottoms of my feet. So here we are with our demented friends playing volleyball three on three. My husband, Jessie and I with Helen, Larry and their oldest son Michael. We played 6 games which the last three were a complete slaughter. It was guys vs girls. We sucked!! We had a few good hits and the ball volleyed back and forth for a good 30 seconds. Yea we were that good. It also didn't matter what side we were on but it seemed like all of us at some point could have been ballerinas.

But because the volleyball kit didn't include boundary lines we had to make up our own and that was a trip. Jessie used her flip flops to mark the boundary line for our court and at one point the ball landed between the flip flops. I wasn't paying attention to where the ball went and the next thing I know someone announced that it went between the thongs. All of the adults were already in sick state of mind and busted a gut laughing and embarrassed Jessie who turned 3 shades red as you can well imagine she was the one to have called them thongs instead of flip flops. Which then brought on the gutter state of mind and we all out were calling each other names. Michael yelled PENIS just as his mom served the ball rendering it a net ball because she was laughing so hard. I couldn't help but think about being back in high school where in health class we all giggled at the names of genitalia.

After 2 Smirnoff's I was done playing. We had barbecued pork chops, peas, ramen noodles and jello for dinner. I was sitting at the computer trying to figure out why the wireless card  that looks like a USB flash drive wasn't working and come to the brilliant conclusion that whatever virus had infiltrated the computer via Facebook when it was having issues was what the problem was.So the plan is next weekend I will continue downloading their music and finish backing up their files they want to save and then blast the computer back to factory. (which sounds much cooler than it really is)

Needless to say Sunday was pretty good and I never want to push myself that hard again. It hurts!

We left the kids with our friends for the night because we figured since we had to go back to town we would just pick them up after I was done with putting in job applications. So we came home and crashed.


I ended up sleeping in. I don't think I even moved after going to sleep but I felt it this morning. I was sore all over. I commented to my husband that I wanted to start working out and getting in better shape, eating better etc.. but I didn't recall wanting a crash course my first day of being active. Hell I thought I was going to be working at this gradually like start walking a mile and going up from there. Anyway my crash course was 6 games of volleyball.

I got dressed this morning in the equivalency of a monkey suit just to go pick up applications. So then after my running around, we picked up the kids. Skye pipes up and said let's play volleyball and I am like are you insane? I am wearing a skirt and sandals that were pinching my feet. No way was I playing volleyball in my "nice" clothes, not to mention I am dead tired. If it weren't for make up I would look like a Zombie. So before we left Helen was babysitting three kids a 4 yr old, 2 yr old and a 4 month old and come to find out the 4 year old was annoying my 7 and 8 year old. Which is highly funny to me because now they get to know what they do to me on a regular basis. They were not impressed. I got the are you kidding me look. I will cherish that forever because now they know how they make me feel some days.

Don't get me wrong my kids are my world but there are days where they drive me nuts and all I want to do is lock myself in my room and put my headphones in my ears and let them kill each other.

Oh well here's to a good weekend and the rest of my summer.

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