Tuesday, June 14, 2011

POKEBALL I choose YOU!!!!!

For shits and giggles I decided to cruise the internet. Specifically Eden Fantasy's and looked at their toys. I favorited a few and decided I should make a wish list.

Upon making this wishlist I came across this: I call it the poke ball. Eden Fantasy's calls it a pleasure ball. And all the while I am calling this thing a poke ball I am trying to imagine what kind of creature might live inside it. Maybe Squirtle?

Then I got to thinking about all the names this thing could be called or what it could be inside and this is my list:

How about a tentacool? Eden Fanatasy's has those too look here. I can just imagine opening that ball up and a blue octopus tentacle slithers out.

How about we call this little ball a voltorb after the aptly named creature that delivers that low shock to tingle your flesh while maintaining its ball shape?

How about we call this ball electabuzz where we know that its rechargeable?

What ever you decide to call it I am sure it will be able to jigglypuff your wigglytuff and make you tingle in all sorts of places.

POKE BALL I choose YOU!!!!

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