Sunday, February 5, 2012

Friday Chair Tippin...

That's right I about fell off my freakin chair at work because I got a formal apology I neither needed nor wanted..

But it was kind of backhanded..

Like she said that she was sorry for being a BITCH but it was something about me that caused her to be that way? I am confused.

So I just said apology accepted and wracked my brain trying to figure out why I wasn't a like-able person at least to her. I had done nothing wrong except go to the boss and tell him that I can't stand working with her because she is constantly negative. I dreaded going to work. It was her fault I felt sick.

Still confused and I think I will have to sit on my chair a bit better when people just randomly come up to talk to me. Gotta at least be prepared.


Angel said...

your super talented writer. and to me why did she even bother to apologize if she just was going to blame you for something you did not do. you are totally likable person. try not to let her ruin your days.

Lilscorpiosweetie said...

Thanks Angel!

Yeah its all rolling down hill. I avoid her and have little to no contact with her if I can help it.

Boss man told me to just do my job and not worry about her. I don't have to work directly with her and I don't have to be anywhere near her so that makes me happy.

Angel said...

that is good. just do best you can at your job and let all the negitivity she puts out go right back to her.

Ericisfargo234 said...

This sounds a bit like a parent telling a child "You tell your sister you are sorry!" And the child says, "SORRY!"

But totally doesn't mean it.