Friday, February 10, 2012


So the other night I am having dinner in public and my son and daughter said I need to let them build a club house because they got to over at their dad's house.  So then Laura pipes up and says yeah from scratch as she imitates a nail on a chalk board motion.

So I am beginning to think that her comedic relief  only happens when we are in public.. its very rare to happen at home. So tonight we are on our way home and Laura looks back behind us and sees my mom (her Nana) behind us. She goes "Hey Nana's truck has eyebrows!" The truck is an 92 Avalanche. I told her to turn around and sit still. So then she starts in on Silent Night. Here are her lyrics:

Silent Night Holy Night,
All is calm, All is deaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddd.

The End. 

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