Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Fun at work

I remember why I get out of the house every morning and go some place to make 7.25 an hour.

See I work with a bunch of women and a handful of men. It's like the men don't have a sense of humor and only a few of us women have a sense of humor. So when a certain few of us get together weird conversations start happening and then the laughing starts.

We have been known to make fun of people and cackle at things that don't make sense.

For example we were unpacking some compasses to repackage them and a few of us noticed the safety pin next to the hinge. We weren't sure what function that safety pin was  til we guessed it is to pin the compass to our clothes. Now mind you, these compasses have mirrors on them and I think it's what threw us off. We made fun of each other and its all in good fun. Because you know that's how we roll.

There have been catty remarks to each other and others and in this line of work it gets rather monotonous so we have to invent fun. We have come up with safe but funny pranks. Like using the sealer to seal the end of someone's straw and watch them suck up nothing. That is gonna happen.

So all in all if you can't have a little fun what is the point? 

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