Monday, May 16, 2011

Funny is in the Ear of the Beholder

I follow some very funny people on Twitter and last night stumbled upon someone that is equally funny to The Bloggess. 

So I had been going through some of the posts from this blogger and laughed at almost every single post, I had that feeling that most of what was there had happened in my own life I am just not on the ball about blogging it as it happens but as it happens this is still fresh in my mind.. 

So I am reading this post on Oh, Noa and particularly #3 stands out.. I don't have the slightest idea why this struck me absolutely funny.. maybe it had something to do with my almost 13 year old son.. I read it out loud and everyone was laughing then my almost 13 yr. old son says Wait.. I don't get it.. so I repeated it and laughed harder when he informs us all in a petulant fashion that he does not in fact have a squishy head.. 

So finally I am tearing myself away from the computer dying all the way to my room.. my husband and I were still laughing our fool heads off and something got said along the lines of chicks with dicks and the line to that song (yea you know which one) Thanks Tone Loc.. Sheila was a man I never thought I would stop laughing.. I wake up this morning only to find the cover of FOX on my side of the bed and on the inside cover was ... yep you guessed it an ad for Chicks with Dicks.. Funky Cold Medina... 

I still have no idea how that cover got on my side of the bed.. my husband swears he didn't put it there and I know that I didn't sleep walk because I was dead.. 

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