Sunday, May 29, 2011

E.R Visit and the rest of my day..

We had to go to the E.R. because my youngest child couldn't breathe. So we were sitting there watching the Lifetime Channel some show about how this woman killed her baby or whatever and this lady comes in with a 5-6 year old boy. I guess he was there to get stitches. So they were sitting there calmly and this other lady comes in. I guess she must have been the first woman's mother bringing with her the little sister of the boy. So "mom" springs for the bites of twizzler's and gives them to the boy with apparently no thought for the other child. So then this little girl who appeared to be about 2-3 starts wailing at the top of her lungs..We weren't the only ones that were in that E.R. as usual it was full not a seat anywhere. So this woman and her mother were conversing while this child was screaming at the top of her lungs and not even a hush was mentioned. 

So I know I wasn't the only patron that wanted that kid to shut up and I almost got up and told the woman to shut her up but then we got called back to see the Dr. We went through the diatribe of did she try something new, did she eat something she wasn't supposed to blah blah blah.. ok she is 7.. not 2.. where they stick almost anything in their mouths. My daughter is very picky about what she puts in her mouth now after having multiple disgusting encounters that she probably mentally shudders at. So the doc decided to suggest an EKG and I said no. It's not her heart and I had a sudden flash of insight that what she was suffering from was a panic attack.. WTG she is just like me.. Sarcasm and all. 

so here is my letter to waiting room lady. 

Dear Waiting room Mom,

Please shut your kid up. Most of us were too polite to tell you to go outside with the child let alone to tell her to be quiet. We are in a public place and you should have known better. I think that if we had to do it over again I would have told you that I was there suffering a migraine for which I was going to be treated for and your kid was not helping matters. 


So then the rest of my day commenced after we left the hospital. We are driving down Main Street when my 13 year old son spots a limo and says "Is that the Dead Car?" Knowing exactly what he was talking about I said no that is not a horse.. I realized in that split second what I said and knowing that it struck me funny and I about died laughing I was incapacitated to correct him. A few mins later I texted my husband to tell him about what had just happened here is the result of that:

ME: Does that mean it's for Zombies or is it a hearse which I called a horse (this was shortly after I told him that my 13 yr old was killing us - my mom and the other kids)
HIM: Rich people on crack same as zombies

Now mind you it doesn't have to be rich people but with the limo and this being a podunk town rich is being able to afford a limo even for a day.. 

The rest of the night ended in a blur of laughter in a cake fog and coffee haze. 

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