Sunday, November 23, 2008


This is for all of you that have thought about death. This is for those of you that have lost loved ones to Suicide. This is for those of you that need to see that Suicide is not the answer. I hope that by posting this that it helps someone. This was written by my youngest brother. Our family had no idea until we found this poem that he had ever felt like this. He hid his feelings well. He also never gave us any sign that anything was ever wrong. He is currently in the Navy and doing well. I don't know if he still writes but this speaks to everyone. Someone is going to be touched by this and I hope that it helps them. He wrote this in high school.

I Could Be Dead

I take a step towards the edge
My toes are now hanging off the ledge
I see the water rushing by. I think to myself I can’t wait to die.
Then my brain fills with fear
I close my eyes and shed a tear
The shadows surround me, there’s nobody there
The wind softly strokes my through my hair.
It whispers something in my ear; I have to strain in order to hear.
It’s telling me to stay
It’s telling me not to go.
Its telling me there’s something that I need to know.
I open my eyes and listen to the voice.
Then I realize that I’m making the wrong choice.
I gather myself and step away from my doom.
I walk all the way home, and find myself in my room.
It’s not my fault that I got hurt.
It’s not my fault that I got treated like dirt.
I was stabbed in the back with a rusty old knife.
It was my own best friend, I trusted her with my life.
She took me for granted and lied to my face.
She thought it was all a game, she almost won that race.
I lie myself down, and get ready for bed
Then I think to myself,
I could be dead.

By Camron Burton

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